2014 in Review

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Are you ready to see 2014 at a glance?  Below are some tidbits and interesting facts – hope you enjoy!

Highlights of 2014…
1   The Singing at Sea cruise!  My first cruise too!  I will never forget 54Monday evening – the ship had sailed, land was nowhere in sight and for the first time I viewed the stars above and the churning waters beneath from the view of the ocean.  Something I’ve only dreamed about.  True, I have read way too many historical novels set on the high seas!  But what can I say?  I’m a hopeless romantic.

Oh, and can you guess what three gourmet foods I had for the first time on the cruise?  If you said duck, alligator and frog legs you were right!  (Well, not that there’s anything gourmet about frogs, but it was my first time to have them…)  Ok, now go to the comments and guess which one you thought was my favorite!  Go!

Five New “First Evers!”
Flew to my first Gospel concert  (a.k.a. Singing at Sea)
Cruised to the Caribbean (Singing at Sea again!)
First bus trip to McKameys Hometown Sing
First time to Georgia
First time to Florida

An Extra Special First…
Writing the cover story for the August issue of Singing News was the highlight of 2014 in my SNbbswriting career.  It fulfilled a dream and helped me learn a different format of writing.  I’m very grateful to the Singing News for giving me this opportunity and encouraging young people to do what they love with the music they love.

Highlights of 2014…
2 The Gold City Reunion in Memphis at the Quartet Show was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me.  I never had a chance to see Jay, Jonathan, Mark and Tim sing together in the 90’s; that afternoon the past was revisited and I saw a glimpse of what I missed.

Attended Five New Events…
Singing At Sea (The Bahamas)
Indian Creek Memorial Day Gospel Sing (Carnesville, GA)
McKameys Homecoming (Clinton, TN)
Karen Peck & New River Homecoming (Dahlonega, GA)
Beacon Park (Harrison, AR)

The “Special Guest” of 2014…
When a hog (yes, an actual animal!) waltzed right down the middle isle at Beacon Park while the McKameys were singing.  Anything can happen at an outdoor sing, folks!

Highlights of 2014…
3 The last night of the Mark Trammell Quartet Homecoming Nick presented Mark with a Lifetime Achievement Award for celebrating 40 years in Gospel Music.  Between the tribute video and what was said on stage, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.  A truly special moment in SGM history.


Five Favorite CD’s released in 2014…
Triplicity – Red Roots
Unashamed – Brian Free and Assurance
Your Walk Talks – Mark Trammell Quartet
Still – Booth Brothers
This Is What It’s All About – Mark Bishop

Rare 2014 Happening…
My sister and I both attended concerts on the exact day of our birthdays – at the same venue!

Highlights of 2014…
4 The McKameys Bus Trip with the Garrens.  Duane and Micki Garren have been taking a bus trip to the McKameys Hometown Sing for years.  All my friends from the local concerts kept telling my sister and I, “You need to go on that trip!”  Now I know why, it was the best trip I had been on since the cruise.  We were treated like royalty, laughed most of the IMG_2916time and enjoyed everyone’s company.

Five Favorite New Songs:
God of Possibilities – Brian Free and Assurance (Unashamed)
There Is Jesus – McKameys (50)
Man Of Sorrows – Mark Trammell Quartet (Your Walk Talks)
Beautiful – Red Roots (Triplicity)
Shout To The Lord – Josh Parker (Josh Parker, instrumental CD)

Highlights of 2014…
5 I’m not sure how this one is applies, but it is about SGM, so I think it does!  A local used video store in Springfield had records on sale right before Christmas and I found some treasures!  Guess someone let go of their Gospel collection and since the store mostly sold Rock and Roll, the Gospel albums were marked down to two for a dollar.  Thought I died and went to heaven!  Among my finds were: Couriers “Statue of Liberty,” Cathedrals “Classics,” Blackwood Brothers Quartet “Paradise Island,” Rambo’s “If That Isn’t Love,” an album from Henry and Hazel Slaughter and a few more.

Interesting 2014 Fact…
In 2014 we attended 17 events and an additional 12 concerts.  (No wonder I became so behind on posting concert reviews!  LOL)

Below are a few info graphs that chart which state we attended the most concerts in and which artists we saw the most.  Click to see results!

In conclusion, 2014 was a year that broke all the records, in every way – we did so many new things, traveled to new places, and experienced moments that may never happen again.  It was a very blessed 365 days and I thank the Lord for the opportunities He made available to us.  Now, 2015 is a new chapter and I’m anticipating what’s ahead!  What are you anticipating this year?

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  1. Kaitlyn Posted on January 12, 2015 at 2:55 pm

    This was so good to hear 2014 in review! 🙂 And I am trying to remember which you said you liked best now (alligator, duck, or frog legs)…was it the duck?! 🙂 And that was so hilarious about the hog! Love it! 🙂 Blessings to you in 2015!

  2. Lynn Posted on January 21, 2015 at 5:35 am

    Thank you Kaitlyn for commenting and taking a guess! The correct answer is alligator! The duck was okay, but the alligator surprised me with a creamy taste that was delightful. Yes, the hog was unforgettable! Wish you could have been there, you would have loved it! Hope you have a wonderful 2015 too! ~ Lynn

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