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“Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ: Even as it is meet for me to think this of you all, because I have you in my heart; inasmuch as both in my bonds, and in the defense and confirmation of the gospel, ye all are the partakers of my grace.”
Philippians 1:6-7

On The Anchormen’s CD, Always Have A Road, the Scripture written above is quoted by each member of the group as the intro to the project’s first song is being played.  Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to hear a Bible verse being quoted at the beginning of the first song, but this creative way to begin a project impressed me greatly and won me over immediately.  This was a wonderful way to begin a project!

1. Start With Me –  is an awesome song about God changing the world through one person at a time. . . .when one person realizes that before they can make promises to God about the choices they will make in the future, they need to ask Him to change their heart first.  This fast tempo song has the verses broken down, so that each of the four members of the group have an opportunity to sing one line.  The chorus is sung by the tenor ,while the other members add background vocals.  This song has a great message that will keep you humming it all day long.  5.0

2.  All In A Sunday’s Work – has an unmistakable Country music feel to it with the “Pig Robin’s” guitar lick in the intro and turn around.  The message of the song isn’t Biblically based and lacks solid meaning.  Though in defense of the song, the country feel of the music and the lyrics fit together perfect musically!  (Especially on the line that talks about getting baptized in the creek!  LOL)  3.5

3.  The Sweetest Sound I Know
–  This song is written in one of my favorite formats – compare and contrast.  The verses list a few things that person enjoys hearing, like the voice of an old friend, or a familiar tune.  Then, the chorus gives us a list of things that really make our hearts glad, like when a person receives the Lord as their personal Savior, or a saint passes on into eternity and God says, “Well done,” and when lives are changed by the power of the gospel.  Those are the things that should truly make us rejoice!  This is also a medium tempo song.  5.0

4. Never – We say that we will never do this or never do that.  Next thing we know, we are doing it, and then we remember that’s the very thing we said we would never do.  But in the time of shame that follows, we hear God say that He will NEVER give up on us!  This slow ballad is personally my favorite song off of the whole project.  Anyone can relate to it because we have all had our times of failure.  If the Anchormen choose this to be one of their radio songs in the future, I can see it going over very well!  5.0

5.  Everything But Time –  is a bass feature that also has a country feel to it.  The song speaks to those who don’t know the Lord as their Savior, it urges them to make a decision for Christ now, because time is not on “their side.”  I like the words to the bridge best, “the clock ticks on the wall, time is flying fast.  But the hands (God’s hands) that move the hands (the clocks hands), can stop them in their tracks!”  This would be a great song to sing in concert because of the urgency of its message.  4.5

6.  Somebody Here –  is hurting, feels abandoned, has a burden, a wounded heart . . .do you know somebody like this?  If you do, they need to hear this song!  Because, this ballad tells of the hope, that no matter how much conflict there is in the world, there is complete resolution at the foot of the Cross.  The world needs to hear the message of this song, that Christ cares about everyone living on this earth, in so much that He died for somebody here.  5.0

7.  One Day I Will –  this song begins as a bass feature, then shares the second half of the verse with another part.  The verses contrast the treatment Jesus left in heaven and received on earth.  But the chorus speaks of the day in which we will see Him crowned in glory on His throne in heaven – receiving the treatment He deserves.  The climax of the song is when the bridge says, “One day You will split the eastern sky, the waiting will be over and we will fly!”  This slow ballad I’d give a 4.0

8.  Almost Time To Fly – is an up tempo song written in first person, telling others of the second coming of Christ.  The first verse speaks about the faithful Christian who’s race has, as the lyric says, “there’s been times when you have soared on wings as eagles, and sometimes all you could do was sit and cry.”  But the song encourages us to look to the sky, for the Lord is coming soon!  This is a nice, fast, encouraging song, something that we need more of in this world! 4.0

9.  The Letter – is another slow bass feature.  Usually, a song’s title comes from a quote of a phrase of words in the song.  However, the words “the letter” is not found in the song itself, but is an accurate description of the songs message.  It is like a prayer set to music.  The verses give us a picture of a person asking God to forgive the sin in their life, and replace it with a heart like His .  The pivotal line in the song is where it says, “all I try to focus on is building up your throne.”  4.5

10.  Better Than Ever –  describes a conversation in song of two people who are “catching up” on the things that have happened in their lives since they received Christ.  Even though both characters have seen some hard times, they both come to the conclusion that they are better than ever because they are serving Christ – and nothing can get better than that!  4.0

11.  Grace Is There –  is a powerful ballad encouraging the ones who think that because they have strayed away from God that means they are all alone.  The chorus states that no matter how far away you are, that grace is there, and you don’t have to look hard to find it!  This is a really encouraging song.  Everyone who feels like they are alone and without hope needs to hear it.  5.0

12.  For The First Time –  is written from the point of view of a person who has just received the Lord.  The genuine joy that they feel exclaims all of the things that have happened for them for the “first time.”  Because of salvation, they can move on from their past sins, they can feel free, they feel that they are where they belong – for the first time!  This is a medium tempo song that has “joy” written all over it!  5.0

Conclusion: Personally, I enjoyed many of the songs from this project, and a few will find themselves in my “favorites” list.  I was impressed by the Bible verses quoted at the beginning of the Cd, and the content of most of the songs.  Critically, I think the Cd will go over well.  The tracks sound good, and the style of songs basically stay the same (country feel).  I give this project a rating of 4.5

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