A pirate for a guardian angel, the town laughing stock for a fiance’ and an obsessive naval officer for a rival…all have woven themselves ransominto Juliana Dutton’s life, and as far as she is concerned, all are unwelcome.

Step into Port Royal, Jamaica 1692, and experience the extremes of two worlds as one woman faces both with unspeakable courage. Juliana must keep up appearances in the glamor of society to save her family, yet, her compassion and a promise she made to her dying mother keeps her reaching out to those who are less fortunate. Diligently, she visits the orphans and helps her friend who works down by the wharf. Yet, these same missions of mercy put Juliana in constant danger – and in the presence of the Pirate Earl. Though this notorious pirate has done nothing but been kind, even chivalrous to Juliana, she doesn’t trust him. In an effort to fix her own problems, she agrees to a fake an engagement with the town buffoon to keep her brother from forcing an unwanted marriage on her with an over obsessive naval officer. In the midst of trying to please society, God and her demanding/sick father, she begins to realize that her plans to save everything she holds dear is slowly falling apart.

Mary Lu Tyndall takes this beautiful, driven, independent woman and unites her with unforgettable characters in The Ransom! Mary Lu Tyndall is one of my favorite authors. I have a lot of favorite books, but it takes something special to become a favorite author. But the themes, settings and characters she writes keeps me coming back for every new book she publishes. There are many things about The Ransom that make it a five star read for me. The first is that it’s a “pirate book.” For some reason, there aren’t many books on the Christian market that include this unsavory lot in their storylines. But Mary Lu not only writes a pirate novel that’s clean romantically, she can walk her characters into a tavern and describe the scene so well you can almost hear the snap of cards against the table and sloshing of ale in the glass.

Sometimes when I read reviews online I see people say, “Well, the plot was pretty predictable.” Or, “You could figure out how this story was gonna end.” But you can’t say that about The Ransom! Mary Lu creates a world of twists and turns you can’t figure out. How Alex and Juliana end up together after all they endure is truly a work of art! When I read the last page I just sat and grinned – with such an ending, I really hope there’s another book in the works for this series.

The character development was superb! I loved how Tyndall crafted the story so you fell in love with the Pirate (the one that’s supposed to be the villain) and made the man who “supposedly” upheld the order of the Crown the one you disapproved of. It was so easy to become attached to the supporting characters too! The children at the orphanage, the butler, housekeeper and even Munny. My favorite supporting character was Jonas, the Pirate Earl’s surgeon. He had such a great place in the story with his kind, faithful heart. My heart fell at the prison scene, but soared when good triumphed and evil was swept away.

Another reason why I gave this book a five star review was because the characters had and overcame problems that we still face today. Miss Dutton didn’t feel like she could trust anyone because so many people in her life disappointed her and let her down, even God. But when she came to the end of the journey (in the book, cause her journey really just began!) she looked back over her life and saw God’s hand orchestrating every step she took. And when you’re done with this book it encourages you to do the same. A very encouraging read spirituality.

I would highly recommend The Ransom to anyone who enjoys Historical Christian Romance with an exciting, adventurous storyline! You won’t be disappointed by anything! It’s clean, informative, humorous and enjoyable. If those are things you like, you’re gonna want to read The Ransom!

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