Book Review: Three by Danny Jones

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threeSouthern Gospel Music doesn’t lack for humor.  Many have mastered the art of telling a good story and for the most part, folks enjoy a good laugh when they’re out at a concert.  We have favorite singers who we consider “funny,” comedians who make their livelihood from it and then there are those who have a knack for making people laugh and feel satisfaction when they see a smile come across another’s face.  Danny Jones falls under that last category, and with the amount of concerts he emcees each year, he has many stories to tell.

Such is the nature of Three, Danny’s new book released this year.  Within these pages you will read about some, hmmm, let’s say “unique” experiences Danny has had on the road, in the airport and with friends.  Some stories are fold from an artist’s perspective, others were passed on to him from friends and of course, the majority is his own to tell.  As someone who stepped on an airplane for the first time this year, I enjoyed his airport adventures.  (Though I’m glad I didn’t read those before I went on my first flight!)  LOL  I also enjoyed reading the “behind the scenes stuff.”  I didn’t know The Booth Brothers and The Cathedrals were booked together for one evening while the Cats were on their farewell tour.  Or that J. D. Sumner and The Stamps once sang to an empty building…and were paid to do it!  But I did learn that photographer, Paul Wharton, is not allergic to bees.  (That’s one you’ll have to read for yourself!)  Danny’s writing offers a unique perspective because he sees what happens backstage.  He’s a friend to the artists.  He’s been on the road.  He’s talked to the fans and heard how they react to groups.  Together, these qualities make for a great book.

These stories made me laugh.  Not a little chuckle either…they made me laugh out loud!  I don’t think anyone could read Three and not do the same.  Well written humor – good fun.  The next time you’re out at a concert and Danny’s the emcee, buy one of his books…you won’t be disappointed.

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