February Facts and Features

Saturday, February 9th will be a monumental day for me. No, it isn’t my birthday or anything like that! On February 9th, it will officially be 62 days since I’ve been to a Southern Gospel concert! A record-breaker for sure…not one that I’m all too thrilled about either! LOL One of the concerts that we…


New Photos!

Hey everyone!  I just wanted to alert ya’ll to a new photo album on the Photo page.  The pictures are from “NQC 2012″ and highlight moments from main stage, the exhibit hall and a few afternoon showcases.  You can visit the gallery HERE – enjoy!


January Jottings

Happy New Year!  I have no idea if you are a “planner” or not, but I am!  And with a new year before us, well, there will be a lot of planning going on!  *wink*  So sit back, pour yourself a beverage, and let me tell you about some of the new things that I…


Featured and Favorite Highlights of 2012

It was Saturday, the 22nd of December 2012 when I checked my mail box and pulled out the January 2013 issue of the Singing News Magazine.  Wow…another year really has come to an end, hasn’t it?  Well, it has!  So, as we launch into another year, I want to pause for a moment and review…


Tomato Canning and Tourism

Back in August, before the Southern Gospel Music Picnic at Silver Dollar City began, I was looking for some interesting facts about Branson, Missouri to share with you all.  Well, what I found was quite interesting!  Ya’ll are never going to guess!  Many may be familiar with Branson being know as the “live music capitol…


Highlights: Steve Hurst School of Music – Part 1

Well, ya’ll have been waiting very patiently for some posts from my week at the Steve Hurst School of Music – so here we go!!! For the year of 2012, the Steve Hurst School of Music was hosted at the Lee University Campus in Cleveland, Tennessee over the course of one week, July 22 –…


Athens of the South – Buckle of Music City?

Bet that one made ya’ll look! LOL I recently went to Nashville for the Lari Goss Tribute at TBN with my family and a couple from church and their beautiful nine month old baby girl. Along with my love for Southern Gospel Music and attending concerts, traveling is something that I enjoy. (Guess that’s a…


The Posts of the Future

This weekend Lynn’s Chronicles will be attending PraiseFest Branson!  This is the first year  to have PraiseFest held at the Mansion Theatre in Branson, MO, and I can’t wait – wish it was here already!  Artists like Greater Vision, Legacy Five, the Mark Trammell Quartet (yes, Pat, that means you!), Triumphant Quartet, the Hoppers, Tim…


A Thanksgiving Playlist

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Here in Missouri we had a beautiful day to be thankful for this year!  As my family  sat down for our Thanksgiving meal, my Grandpa reminded us all that last year on Thanksgiving Day we had the first snow-flurries of the season!  After stuffing ourselves beyond what is probably not healthy, lol,…