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Setting: La Paz, Bolivia
Time Period: Modern Day

The Parker Twins Adventure Series kicks off with “Cave Of The Inca Re,” an exciting story of Justin and Jenny’s trip to South America with their Uncle Pete. This YA (young adult) novel is the first in a series of six and takes young readers on an adventure in La Paz, the capital city of Bolivia.

Justin and Jenny are 13 years old, just received Christ at youth camp and have a knack for finding trouble. In La Paz, they meet their uncle’s missionary friends, the Halls, and a local guide, Pedro, who take the family sightseeing. Along the way, they keep running into these two men who act very suspicious and talk about golden treasure. When the twins find out a little too much about these other America’s intentions, they have to run and hide in a place not even the locals go…the cave of the Inca Re.

I enjoyed this short read about the twins trip to La Paz and all they experienced in South America. There was some history mentioned, nothing too deep, just a few facts that would be educational for young readers in a fun setting. The plot moved fast and was interesting, even for an adult! I enjoyed all the characters and how the author focused on Justin and Jenny’s budding faith to help them through the tight spots they found themselves in.

Conclusion: I’ve read several of Jeanette Windle’s novels and totally see her experience as an author and missionary “kid” (growing up in different countries) come through Justin and Jenny’s story. As someone who has been to Ecuador myself, I totally felt the South American culture come through the descriptions of the land and people. The whole feel of the book placed you right in Bolivia! I would definitely recommend this book and series to tweens and teens. A wonderful, Bible based story with a lot of adventure!

Author: lynnschronicles

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