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CD Review: Brian Free and Assurance – Never Walk Alone

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I purchased this Cd as a birthday gift for a fifteen year old who attends my church. The next time I saw her, I inquired if she enjoyed it. She said she loved it and how the first time they listened to the Cd her mom was driving her to school, and she was so upset because they didn’t get to hear track ten (her favorite song) before they arrived! I’m telling you! – SGM is not dying!

To sum up this Cd in a few lines would be impossible! The songs are superior in content, tracks and vocals. This project will bless everyone who purchases it, even if you don’t follow BFA regularly, you need to get yourself a copy of this one! You will not be disappointed!!!

As you read and listen to the themes of these songs, I would encourage special notice to the order of tracks 4-8. Listening to the songs, it occurred to me that from 4 to 8, each theme builds off the previous one. For example, track 4, The Part Where You Come In, focuses on salvation, what it was like coming to know the Lord. Then, number 5, Remind Me Of The Cross, keeps us reminded of what He’s done for us, and keeping that in the forefront of our minds we’ll move on spiritually to track 6, It’s My Life, where we live our lives in a way that will point others to Him. The seventh song on this project, Turn The Page, uses Old Testament stories to encourage us that God works in ways unimaginable, and finally, Stand Among The Millions looks toward to the day when we will be with Him forever. Is there any possibility that these were arranged this way on purpose? I don’t know, but it sure turned out excellent! (So much for shuffle!)

1. Anything Is Possible With You
Tempo: Fast
Features: Lead Vocals
Message: The first verse tells of a person visualizing what it must have been like for Noah on the ark…what kind of thoughts crossed his mind? The chorus (and more importantly, the song title itself) answers that very question. The chorus not only applies to the song, but can apply to anything that the listener has seen God do in their own lives. It simply describes the awe and wonder of what the Lord does, how powerful He is, and ends the chorus with the hook-line…anything is possible with You. The second verse continues the thoughts of the opening line, though with a different Bible character, this one being Thomas. (Thomas gets used a lot for examples of unbelief when it comes to Jesus’ resurrection…) This verse takes a different angle and traces his conversion from “seeing the living proof” and having an undoubting faith, which ultimately says…anything is possible with You!

2. I Believe
Tempo: Slow Ballad
Features: Tenor Vocals
Message: The verses of this song lists many of the miracles and events that are written of in both the Old and New Testaments…stories like the parting of the Red Sea and Daniel in the lions den, events like Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane and Judas betraying Him with a kiss. The chorus resonates that “I believe every line, every word”…and “written on the pages, is the truth of the ages.” This song talks about how the things that we believe really happened, no matter how impossible they may seem.

3. God Will Close The Door
Tempo: Fast
Features: Bass Vocals
Message: The opening verse of this song also sets us in the days of Noah and the Ark, yet, looking at a different aspect of the same story. This theme centers around God’s protection from storms and danger. Verse one states that since God protected Noah from the flood, I know He will also protect me when storms arise…in other words, He’ll shut the door! The second verse gives us a different viewpoint on the subject of “door closing”, saying that sometimes God closes doors to keep something harmful from happening to His child. The refrain weaves both ideas into an extraordinary chorus that you will find yourself humming all day!

4. The Part Where You Come In
Tempo: Fast
Features: Lead Vocals
Message: From the first line of this song, we see a different approach to the idea of someone coming to know the Lord. The lyrics don’t just tell you that a person got saved, but begins with the description of a seven year old girl praying with her dad for salvation, then asks the question, what would she have done that she regrets? Continuing on, the verse states that it’s because even though she is still young ,she knows she has a sin nature and needs Christ. The second verse talks about how Christ is always ready to forgive anytime, even if it’s that last thing a person does before death. For everyone there is a different reason, time and place, where and when, they accepted Christ as their personal Savior. There are diverse things that need to change in each person’s heart, but there is one common denominator and that is…the part where You come in! – That alone is what we tell others when sharing the story of our salvation. (That’s what the chorus speaks of) – the things that every Christian has in common no matter how or why they came to the Lord.

5. Remind Me Of The Cross
Tempo: Medium
Features: Bass Vocals
Message: The message of this song is one of the most applicable for Believers today. The first verses speaks of enjoying the miracle of salvation, but after a season losing the appreciation of what Christ did for us on Calvary. The lyrics of the chorus get us spiritually back on track. Detailed thoughts of the nails, the crown of thorns and the blood causes reflection on what it must have been like for Him, which hopefully will stir up gratefulness in our hearts for what He’s done. The last few lines of the chorus are superb … “And should a day ever come when I forget, what real love costs, remind me of the cross.” The theme continues in verse two, only shifting the angle a little bit and contrasting our earthly burdens with what Jesus went through when He died for us.

6. It’s My Life
Tempo: Slow
Features: Baritone Vocals
Message: It is a well known fact of life that not everyone can be in the music ministry, or be missionaries, or in full time service in the local church. Yet, these lyrics tell us that you don’t have to necessarily be in any of those things to serve the Lord and build up His kingdom. Though this song specifically mentions singing as a means of glorifying God, it also tells us in the bridge that no matter what you do every day, you are called to be a witness for Christ. The opening lines of the refrain, “it’s not my job, it’s my life”, impresses upon us the idea that what we do as Christians in service to Him, is not just something we merely do – it’s apart of who we are…a new creation in Christ. Another line of thought that can be taken from these lines also is this, those who are in full time ministries can easily miss blessings by looking at what they do as a “job” and not something that should consume their whole life in love for Him.

7. Turn The Page
Tempo: Medium/Fast
Features: Baritone Vocals
Message: “Sometimes before a miracle, God sets the stage, to show He will always come through, so turn the page” – is a line from the chorus and is easily identified as the theme of the song. The verses give some examples from the Old Testament. First, we see Abraham and Isaac on Mt. Mariah, we all know the story, but if we were to stop where Abraham raised the knife, we would miss the miracle. Same with Moses and the Red Sea, if we don’t read all of it, we will never see God provide for His children and part the water. The chorus uses the unique analogy of “turning a page” to get the end of the story and see God change the tides in literally seconds in these situations. The third verse and bridge encourages us to hold on no matter how bleak our circumstances are, because we serve the “Lord of the impossible”.

8. Stand Among The Millions
Tempo: Slow Ballad
Features: Tenor Vocals
Message: What will the first moment in heaven be like? The first verse of this song answers the question by stating it will be “a moment like no other”. Maybe it won’t even seem real because we’ve never experienced anything like it before? The contemplation of these things lead us into the chorus that expresses what it may be like to be before the Throne of our Lord. Beginning with seeing wonders and angels, the lyrics crescendo into seeing the Lord Himself – and the millions who stand, will suddenly bow. The second verse continues with the concept of being prostrate while in His presence, and amazed with holy fear. Only daring to rise, if by some reason, Christ Himself commands us to…then we would again, “stand among the millions.”

9. It’s Gotta Be God
Tempo: Fast
Features: Lead Vocals
Message: We all are familiar with the knowledge that human nature doesn’t have anything good in it. Yet, we can all agree that as Christians we have changed, grown, and received blessings that can make us dumbfounded at times. Both verses of this song talk about those very things, knowing that we couldn’t do anything on our own to get where we are now. Though, where these things did come from is the sole message of the refrain, there is no other explanation – it’s gotta be God! My favorite line from the chorus is the one that says, “if there’s anything good in me, it’s gotta be God.” It reminds us to give all the glory to God, as Jesus said to the rich young ruler, “there is no one good but God.”

10. Never Walk Alone
Tempo: Slow Ballad
Features: Tenor Vocals
Message: The message of this song is really indescribable – you just have to listen to the lyrics themselves! The theme is centered around human nature at it’s greatest need…loneliness. The first verse tells us of how Christ came to restore our fellowship to God, but in the end, no one stood with Him, He was alone. By what Christ did on the cross, He not only made a way of salvation, but gave a promise that no one would ever “walk alone”. He took that burden upon Himself that day at Calvary, so we would never have to know what true loneliness feels like. The chorus assures us that when we are hurting His Spirit never leaves us, we don’t have to bear anything by ourselves. Everything that He went through, we will never have to experience. The second verse takes the point a little further, not only did He walk alone so we didn’t have to, He did it as a man. He walked this earth like we do, so He would know exactly what it’s like when we come to Him with our problems. Though our problems are nothing compared to what He endured, Christ takes individual interest in helping His children through everything they go through.
“Your Spirit never leaves me
Even when I’m hurting I don’t have to bear that burden on my own
You carried all the pain, and buried all the shame
When You made that rugged tree Your righteous throne
Because of You I’ll never walk alone”.

Author: Lynn

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  1. Nate Stainbrook Posted on March 31, 2011 at 1:50 pm

    Great review Lynn! I am looking forward to reading more from you!

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