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Love, Life and Colour is the very first CD released by The Parachute Parade – a band comprised of five young men who’s hearts burn with a passion to serve the Lord with their music.  Born into road life through their parents’ ministries (in Southern Gospel Music), each member of this band is fully equipped and experienced with all aspects of a musician’s life.  As a matter of fact, these guys met each other while attending events their parents sang at, and through these friendships, The Parachute Parade was born.

These five guys have been influenced by diverse styles of music growing up, and this is reflected in the bands sound.  Each member brings in a special touch from what they’ve learned from the greats in CCM and the legends in other genres to create their own style of Christian Rock/Pop.  Their sound is tasteful, full, and will get your toes tappin’ to the beat.  Bryce Free penned each song on Love, Life and Colour, and if you listen closely to the lyrics, you will hear some of the most honest and sincere words woven together.  From “Fatal Flaw” to “Realpolitik,,” “I Need You” and all the others, truth pours out of the speakers and into your heart.

On this recording you will hear…
Lead Vocals/Guitar – Bryce Free
Lead Guitar – Christian Booth
Guitar/Piano/BGV – Matthew Gooch
Bass – Brandon Hyatt
Drums/BGV – Stone Carter

1.  Anticonformity
Tempo:  Fast
Message:  This song begins the project talking about something Paul wrote to the Roman church long ago – conforming to this world.  As the first verse points out, it’s still a problem today – one little push in the wrong direction and we fall down like a domino, and we know its wrong.  Yet, the lyric doesn’t leave us there, rather, it pushes us to begin fighting for what we know is right, and never giving in.  The chorus backs up those thoughts with the challenge to think differently act differently, and go against the mainstream with one simple word… “anticonformity.”  Once we decide to do this, the second verse explains that difficulty is sure to come – but, the world can’t compare to the Lord.  Persecution can come, but God’s people will be just fine.  The bridge sings out the message, uncomplicated and straightforward – “Do not conform!”
Other Comments:  First off, I love the metaphor in the opening line that describes caving into peer pressure like falling dominoes.  (Great picture.)  There is also a cool twist on the music that begins at 2:34 – the instruments suddenly stop playing and some bars of acapella “Ooo-ooo” fill our ears before the last chorus.  Very cool effect!

2.  Everything’s Alright
Tempo:  Fast
Message:  The first verse of this song depicts the moment when you have everything figured out, all questions and doubts are behind you and the road ahead will lead you to love.  And the pre-chorus says when you feel it coming, it takes your breathe away.  The chorus sings about the point when you come to realize what you want is more than what you catch sight of with your eyes, that the Lord is the One who has always been there for you, and the Person who’s never disappointed you.  As the last line says, “I was falling apart inside, now everything’s alright.”  In the second verse, you ponder on the times in the past when you pushed thoughts of God aside.  Yet, nowadays you wonder why doubt ever came to your mind.  Life may not be easy, but now you know what its purpose is.  A increasing understanding fills the bridge, acknowledging that there were times when you were “hanging by a thread” and running from the things that you regretted.  As a final point, the question is asked, “I don’t know why, it took me so long to finally see…all those things that I am supposed to be.”
Other Comments:  I love the honesty and depth of these lyrics – and I’ll admit, it wasn’t possible to just write about what they’re saying, you’ll just have to hear it for yourself!  The intro and turn-around between verses feature some tasteful moves on the guitar, but my favorite is the solo  at 2:36-2:53, just before the bridge.

3.  Standing For You
Tempo:  Medium
Message:  Have you ever loved someone who just keeps breaking your heart?  This song is written from the view of a guy who feels that way about his sweetheart. In the first verse, he’s looking for that perfect moment where he can share his heart so everything will be okay, and though he’s “breaking his back,” she’s “breaking his heart.”  No matter what he does, progress with this girl is nil.  Yet, even in spite of this, the chorus declares that he’s still going to stand for her anyway.  His love isn’t deterred and he’s going to stand there and wait for her to come back to him, for as long as it takes.  The second verse speaks of the frustration he feels in this relationship – he’s tried everything to win her, but it seems as if his hard work and tears don’t affect her.  Still, he’s determined that he won’t let her go that easily…and will have no regrets in the process.  The bridge claims the same sentiments…he doesn’t want to move on, he doesn’t want to get over her…so instead, he’s gonna’ stand.
Other Comments:  This is the first relationship song we encounter on the project, and I’m sure everyone can relate to it.  I’d go far enough to say that not only can this song apply to couples dating, but to married couples, or anyone that you’ve tried to reach out to that keeps pushing you away.  Maybe you’ve been breaking your back for someone and have only received a broken heart in return? – keep standing.

4.  Worlds Apart
Tempo:  Fast
Message:  The theme of this song shows us how two people can be the same, yet worlds apart.  The first verse shows us how a girl can pop out of nowhere and re-arrange a guys life like no one else can.  When the guy (in the song) first saw her, it was love at first sight, and he resolved not to lose her.  In the pre-chorus he can’t get her out of his thoughts, he wants her by his side…it’s time to say hello.  He says in the chorus that it feels like they were meant for each other.  Yet, though it seems they’re worlds apart, they are seemingly identical at the same time.  No one else has aroused such feelings in his heart – by the mere mention of her name, he found his missing puzzle piece.  On the other hand, the second verse is a whole new scene.  He was on the mountain top, but she pushed him down.  Now, she looks at him as someone below her, and though he doesn’t know what he did, he didn’t hang around to find out.  In the second pre-chorus he has her off his mind and doesn’t care to have her around…it’s time to say goodbye to all the pain she caused.  The bridge explains that all he wanted was a chance, and though he was sure she would be the one to leave first, he didn’t know why she hurt him – yet, there’s nothing to gain and nothing to lose.
Other Comments:  I really enjoyed the compare and contrast in the verses of this song: how there’s a “hello” in the first pre-chorus and a “goodbye” in the second.  A longing in the first and a leaving in the second.  I don’t know about you…but it sounds like the guy was justified in leaving too!

5. Fatal Flaw
Tempo:  Medium
Message:  The theme of this is song rings true for both the Christian and the non-Christian ~ we blame God for every bad thing that happens in this world because we can’t cope with the evil around us.  The first verse points out our natural tendency to question and doubt every single thing that happens in life, and when something bad happens…we blame God for what we don’t understand.  The chorus tells us that our human nature desires to fight what we don’t comprehend, rather than change our hearts.  Instead, we want to be able to anticipate what God’s going to do, and when we can’t, well, like the lyric says, “discontent is typical.”  Unfortunately, for many, this is the fatal flaw.  In the second verse, something is amiss.  As a replacement for black and white, we compromise for a grey color that dismisses accountability and tunes God out – no wonder why our faith is fading…  We are told in the bridge that no one is good, and as long as we accuse the Lord for evil, then turn around and make up the rules to life as we go, well, there’s no hope.  We must change to break our fatal flaw.
Other Comments:  One of the first things I would like to point out musically is the soft finger picking in the intro.  The acoustic guitar gave this song a special touch, and so did the strings!  There is something about the strings that really intensify the importance of the lyrics – when I first heard them, it gripped my spirit and sent my brain a signal that said, “Listen!  This is important!”  And the lyrics say so much.  It’s so sad, but many will never experience eternal life or the blessings of God on this earth because they are quarrelling with Him instead.

6.  The Dark Side Of Me
Tempo:  Medium
Message:  This song uses the contrasts of light and darkness to describe the battle we fight with our flesh.  The dark side of us whispers that we are fakes and frauds – it destroys everything in it’s path, and so, we can’t seem to rid ourselves of the voices it causes in our minds.  After seeing ourselves as hollow and bitter, the lyrics cry out, “There’s gotta be an end to this!”  And with the chorus comes the light.  Shining down through the clouds and dispelling the darkness that battled within, the shadowy things that we tried to hold inside are now driven out by a bright burning light.  The second stanza uses a metaphor of punching in the dark to speak of how we fight ourselves the most when we try to get a fresh start.  Yet, every light begins with a spark, and sometimes that light will reveal someone you don’t know.  The bridge speaks of this world’s brevity, but states that clarity came from the Lord, and so, we must light the world!
Other Comments: At the beginning, the first thing that you hear is whispering voices that represent the “dark side.”  This had a cool affect on the song and really set the mood.  Also, the last few seconds of the track include a short drum solo you don’t want to miss!

7.  Easy To Forget
Tempo:  Fast
Message:  The subject of this song is about a relationship between a guy and girl that didn’t end that well.  Betrayal is heard in the voice of the one speaking in the first verse – he thought he knew her, but she wasn’t reliable, so they came to this.  As the lines continue, he refuses to play into her game and say what she did to him…more likely, she already knew.  The refrain comes in with the statement, “You’re easy to forget – I’m walking away, I’m wasting my time.”  He only has one remorse – he shouldn’t have ever dreamed that she would be his.  Outlining her problems in the second verse, he confronts her shallowness and unwillingness to change with the warning of a lonely life ahead.  After he passes by and she thinks she has what she wants, it’s going to dawn on her that she’s “easy to forget.”  In addition, the bridge finalizes the break up as “forever” and he wishes that he could re-claim all the words and time he felt like was wasted on someone who didn’t appreciate him.
Other Comments:  Once again, I love the metaphors that are woven into the lyrics.  One of my favorite lines from this one is: “I’m scared of heights because I fell for you.”

8.  Realpolitik
Tempo:  Medium
Message:  This song has an interesting topic – “politics“, and how weak leaders have led us astray.  The first verse tells of how we set them up so they could use their position to benefit the people, and instead, they only helped themselves.  They take control and do nothing to aid the damage that keeps dragging us down farther and farther – it’s time for change.  The chorus laments, “It seems, that no one wants to lead this world in the path that God has planned for us.” Instead, we are being torn apart.  We have gained the world and lost our souls, yes, it’s time for a fresh start.  The second verse speaks right to the politician themselves, and it warns them that we are not blind to the lies nor accepting the false promises – we see their true colors when they pretend to be what they‘re not.  As they want to gather more for themselves and only see the populous as a number, there are a bunch of people who don’t see this world as their home, and as long as they’re here, they’ll “make sure our true Leader is known!”  The bridge ponders the thought; our leaders are to stand for us, but now, they speak against God, steal our pride, and carry no respect for anything holy.
Other Comments:  The first time I heard this song I thought the message would be considered controversial.  I still think it is, but as I listened to it again and again for this review, it became clear – controversial it may be, but you can’t argue with the truth.

9.  Love Revolution
Tempo:  Fast
Message:  “I don’t want to live like this…pretend that You don’t exist…cause I just can’t fool myself, thinking this life is bliss,” these are the opening words to the first verse of this song that calls for a spiritual reawakening – a love revolution.  The stanza goes on to say that I can’t go through life by myself, so I’m giving God control over my entire life.  The chorus cries out for a revolution of love to take places in our lives.  As a Christian, I found a solution that will last a lifetime, but there are still a lot of “counterfeits” and “hollow men” out there who are looking for forgiveness…they need to see a love revolution, both in their lives and in mine.  The second verse draws our attention to the fact that things are falling apart – this world is heading toward its end.  In the midst of this, I find myself in a shell, in a raging battle of the soul…one worth fighting every single day.
Other Comments:  This is a great up-beat song that reminds us that history has had it’s many revolutions of old, but in today’s time, the most needed revolution we need is in our lives – and that is one of love.  I really enjoyed the beat to this song and the suspense that builds towards the end.

10.  Hold Onto The Misery
Tempo:  Fast
Message:  This song has a theme similar to track 3, but is unique in the way it portrays the lengths of which the human heart will go to have the one we love…even if it means misery.  The first verse is written in first person, as a guy speaking to his girlfriend, remembering the first day she walked into his life and captured his heart.  Everyday, he’s occupied with everything he knows about her and is determined to keep her by his side.  In the pre-chorus, he recounts how others told him to give up, that he was crazy to pursue her, but he was sure that love would do the trick.  However, the chorus describes how head-over-heels he is for this girl, and how her presence makes him feel like he’s living in his dream.  Yet, even though there’s nothing to cause the two to disconnect, he feels pushed away.  Nothing he does can get her to listen to him, so instead of just letting her go, he says, “Well, if I can’t have you, I’ll just hold onto the misery.”  In the first verse, he told of all the good things he felt in this relationship – but in the second verse, he takes a look at the opposite.  Though there have been good times and bad times, he feels like his time has been wasted.  He doesn’t know what to say to get her to understand – his heart is breaking and she acts as if it means nothing to her.  She runs away…leaving him to wonder what he did wrong.  Rather than giving up, he declares in the bridge that he’s not going to surrender or let go. He’s going to make it work, even if it means holding on to a little misery in the process.
Other Comments:  What I love about this song is how the story in it so accurately displays the feelings we encounter through life.  When you truly love someone, it’s easier to be “miserable” with them, than to break up and be without them.  I also like the positive aspect of the song – that one would be willing to take the misery for what they believe in, rather than just give up.

11.  Fading Out
Tempo:  Fast
Message:  The topic of this song is about Christian’s standing out  rather than “fading out” in their spiritual lives.  The first verse asks the sensible side what it thinks about the crumbling world and everything else that is going down hill around us.  As we realize that we’re losing the ground the enemy is gaining, we need to turn around before we start to fade out.  The chorus cries that we’re “fading out” and disappearing into the crowd.  As Believers, we need to stick out and be different, before we end up “fading out” too.  The second verse gives some clues to what a faded life feels like: when living one’s life for self, when you feel like your heart is in a vise, when you’re depressed, and when you’re colorblind to the love and life all around you.  The climax comes in the bridge where it gives the solution to our problems: “Then it dawned on me one day – that a Man gave His life away.  He brought love, life and colour – into the world so we might love!”
Other Comments:  The lyrics of this song is where the CD’s title originated.  I found the theme similar to Anticonformity too!

12.  I Need You
Tempo:  Slow/Medium
Message:  The first verse describes a life without Christ as an empty ship drifting out to sea, lifeless as a coffin, and resolves, “There’s gotta be a change in me.”  After a pause in the lyrics as the music plays, the lyrics comes back and expound on the frustration of being caught in a cycle you can’t get out of.  As a result, luck has run out and life is falling apart.  You thought you knew how to handle it, but soon came to realize that if it isn’t lived for the Lord, it’s all in vain.  Now, life has come to the point of bursting and you can’t do anything about it.  The message of the chorus is a simple prayer, “I need You, Lord.”  Like that ship, you’ve drifted and lost sight of everything, and only this humble prayer will change you‘re circumstances.  The second verse begins with another symbolic picture, this one is seen in a life-long search for a robber, only to find out – the thief is you.  You thought you had everything deciphered and made up, that you could go without some things.  But when life came to the point of bursting again, you realized you still needed Him.  The bridge brings us full circle and declares that the Lord brought you into existence, He is the Light, and everything else has no value compared to Him.
Other Comments:  I like how this song begins differently: the first thing you hear are two lines from the verse, then the singing stops for about 20 seconds of music (kind of like an intro), and then it goes back into the singing.  Also, you don’t want to miss the metaphors packed into the lyrics – be sure to listen to them!

Conclusion:  Before I tell you my “conclusion,” I want you to form your own.  Glance back over the messages of these songs and ask yourself how they affected you.  Then, if you’re ready for some music, head on over to The Parachute Parade’s FaceBook page and take a listen to these tunes on their “band profile” page.  While you’re there, help these guys make it  to 1,000 likes by September 15th by “liking” their page…and if you happen to read this after Sept 15th, go ahead and like ‘em anyway!  LOL You’ll be glad you did!  Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed Love, Live and Colour.  Though the main genre I listen to is SGM, I’m going to be listening to this CD a lot in the future because I connected with it.  The lyrics struck a chord in me and many times I find myself humming these songs throughout the day.  I love the depth to the words, the up-beat music and the unique metaphors found in these twelve tracks.  If you enjoy Rock, Pop and Christian music with a progressive edge to it, I highly recommend Love, Life and Colour!

“Then it dawned on me one day –
that a Man gave His life away.  
He brought love, life and color –
into the world so we might love”  

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