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When I first listened to the Brown’s Love Loud project I was impressed with the quality of music and lyrics.  After glancing at the insertBrowns_LoveLoud and seeing that five of the songs were co-written by at least one member of the Browns…I was impressed again.   Their ability to pen this many songs that say something and are well written, well, that’s hard to come by.  Yet, when you listen to this project you’ll get the impression that it’s the norm.

Produced by Ernie Haase and Wayne Haun, this seventh project from the Browns is a collection of music recorded with variety and excellence.  In the music, you will hear a bit of Country, Contemporary, a few traditional Southern Gospel ballads and a special instrumental on the final track.  After listening to this recording many times I believe that the music works well together and is cohesive enough not to distract the listener and interesting enough not to bore them either.  This album appeals well to the younger generation, but still has the right kind of style for the average Southern Gospel fan.  If the music is quality, then the lyrics are gems.  I’ve already mentioned that the Browns have co-written half that appear on this CD and I find the themes very useful and capable topics to encourage the listener in their life.  As I look at the track list I’ve pondered and asked myself if there’s a “weak track” – so far, I have found none.

1.  Love Loud
Feature:  Michaela
Tempo:  Fast
Message:  We’ve all heard the saying, “Actions speak louder than words.”  In this lyric, that idea is developed in the concept of “loving loud.”  The first verse begins with a series of questions that examine whether or not our lives are making a difference and expresses the desire to accomplish this.  The chorus speaks of how it will happen – showing others a love that shines brighter, lasts longer and beats stronger than everything else.  This kind of love describes who God is and when we stay close to Him, that love overflows into those around us.  The second verse acknowledges that such a mission can be overwhelming.  We pass so many people everyday…how can we help them when we don’t even know their names?  The answer?…When they see the love of Christ in us.
Other Comments:  This is a great up-beat song to kick off a project with!  I love the message!  The track is what most would call “modern” but not too edgy for Southern Gospel fans.   Michaela takes the lead with her strong and passionate voice on the verses and also had a hand in writing it with her Mom and Jeff Bumgardner.

2.  Rock and Redeemer
Feature:  Andrew
Tempo:  Fast
Message:  “Let the winds start blowing, I am safe in His keeping, He’s my Rock and Redeemer, He’s my everything.”  So is the theme of this song.  When you need a shelter, you can run to the Lord in the storms of life.  The first verse talks about seeing the clouds roll in and the thunder crash in the distance – but to the child of God, the weather won‘t touch them because the Lord is in control.  The next verse describes what it’s like to be on the Rock in the middle of a storm.  Hidden  by grace, held close by loving arms, we are lead through the darkness…and by the sound of His voice we know that everything will be okay.
Other Comments:  I love the Country beat to this tune!  It begins with two rounds of the chorus and when we reach the turn around, the fiddles take the spotlight for a moment.  This is a very catchy song!  I’ve seen the Browns perform it live and audiences respond well.

3.  The One Who Still Works Miracles
Feature:  Shelly
Tempo:  Ballad
Message:  Are miracles still being performed today?  According to this song, the answer is yes.  Both the first and second verses pose a series of questions that the trials of life have brought to our minds.  Do you feel disillusioned?  Haunted by the past?  Desperate?  We seldom have the answers to satisfy the doubts and questions that arise in life – but to the Lord, hopelessness doesn’t exist.  The chorus simple says, “Gather all your cares that seem impossible…and bring them to the one who still works miracles.”  In the bridge, we see how we can access this type of healing, just get down on your knees and ask Him.
Other Comments:  This is the type of ballad that offers hope to every situation.  With that, comes a powerful track that you’d expect from this type of song: piano, strings and a little beat on the drums.

4. The Captain’s Got It Under Control
Feature:  Michaela
Tempo:  Fast
Message:  Storms on the sea of Galilee are a popular topic for songs in SGM, once again, that subject is taken up in this peppy tune!  Somehow, the disciples thought that the boat could sink with Jesus onboard.  As the first verse of this song tells us, they toiled and tussled with the waves and thought it was hopeless, until the Lord said, “Peace, be still.”  Turning the message of the chorus toward us, we’re reminded that no matter how bad it gets – He has it under control.  The anchor hasn’t broken and we shouldn’t expect it to!  Yet, we have the choice to fret over it or leave it in His hands.  Regardless, whether it be rain or shine, the Captain has everything under control.  The second stanza reminds us that storms are a normal phenomena in our journey, so when they pop up on us, we ought not to let our faith “drown” as if the Captain isn’t there by our side, with His hands on the wheel!
Other Comments:  What a great song!  I love the way it was written – the alliteration and word pictures were perfect, fun and fresh!  This one was penned by Michaela, Shelly and Rachel McCutcheon.  Excellent, excellent job lyrically and vocally!

5. Street Of Gold
Feature:  Adam
Tempo:  Fast
Message:  Heaven can run away with your thoughts if you let it, which just happens to be the idea behind this snappy tune.  The first verse begins by describing the land of our dreams – one of peace, beauty and bounty.  “What’s it like running and laughing down the street of gold?” the chorus asks.  Praising the King and beholding all the things that couldn’t possible be put into words can be experienced from the street of gold.  The cheering angels, the trumpets, everything!  The second verse goes on to say that it’s the place where the River of Life flows, a place where tears don’t exist, neither night, but the glory of the Lamb shines brighter every day!
Other Comments:  This is a fun song written by Wayne Haun, Joseph Habedank and Adam Brown.

6.  Everything Changes
Feature:  Michaela
Tempo:  Fast
Message:  This fun, yet, honest tune compares a ride at the fair with our crazy, fast paced lives. Sometimes the wild twists and turns we face in life are like one of those rides that flip us upside down and drop us into those steep dips where everyone screams.  On the ride, what you see constantly moves with the speed of the car.  (I’m sure we can all relate to that!)  Yet, no matter what life whizzes our way, we can count on God to be the never changing rock we stand on.  As the chorus points out, everything around is constantly changing and moving forward.  But this one thing remains the same – God.  The second verse goes on to talk about how fast the world moves today and how it would be so nice if we could just freeze time for a moment to catch our breath!  The future is unpredictable.  What a blessings then, to know that we have a Savior who knows everything we will ever face, even before we have to face it!
Other Comments:  Joel Lindsey, Michaela and Shelly Brown did a brilliant job writing this song!  It’s my favorite from the CD!  The track has a modern feel to it that’s up-beat.  I’d say it’s my favorite because the message is very encouraging and hits home with me.  Technology, advancements in medicine and a host of other things are pushing the world in which we live into the future.  But God will always be the same!

7. A Place In The Choir
Feature:  Andrew
Tempo:  Medium/Fast
Message:  The lyrics to this song have a very entertaining way of expressing a precious truth – everyone, from the birds of the air to the bears of the forest, have a special place in God’s choir.  There are three verses to this song that chronicle the different vocal ranges of singing and what animal best fits each part.  Birds reach the high notes easily and the creatures with low voices, such as the frogs and cows, sing the bass part.  The mid range vocal parts such as lead, alto and baritone are best performed by the dogs and cats, but each animal has a place whether it be the duck, otter, porcupine, cricket or pony.
Other Comments:  This fun song has a Country beat and a good share of fiddling in it.  What I love most about this tune is that it’s up-beat, fun and still has an important message that’s told in a very unique way!  And Andrew did a great job in singing the bass part down there with the “frogs and cows.”  LOL

8. The Water Is Calling
Feature:  Adam and Michaela
Tempo:  Slow/Medium
Message:  Conviction.  It’s not often a topic that makes it into the world of music and songs, but here it’s the heart of the message.  Even after salvation and baptism, temptations and trials are thrust upon us every day temping us to sin.  The first verse calls it a “worn out path to my soul,” but the chorus woos us back to the Lord.  The “water” we hear about in the chorus symbolizes the washing we can take part in every day to keep us clean from the world.  The second verse of the song goes on to say that it doesn’t take long for conviction to set in when you think about what Jesus endured on the cross.  Yet, the cross stands as the fountain from which the cleansing water still flows, offering the forgiveness we need and the Holy Spirit’s warning to keep us on the right path.
Other Comments:  At first this was my least favorite song on the CD because the music had a kind of “eerie” feeling to it, but I soon found out that the tune is very catchy and found myself humming it after listening to the project!  LOL

9.  Fishers Of Men
Feature:  Andrew
Tempo:  Fast
Message:  This song begins by talking about how the Lord called his disciples from being fishermen to “fishers of men.”  To the disciples, the day the Lord called them began like any other…just them on the sea of Galilee with their nets.  Then the Lord came by and said, “Come follow Me, I’ll show you how to fish on the land.”  The chorus goes on to say that there is no better way to spend each day than working for the Lord.  No matter what your occupation is, you can cast out the nets of grace and welcome in your catch.  You too, can be a fisher of men.  In the second verse, we are encouraged to spread the word of salvation even when the winds blow hard and try to sink our vessel.  The Lord will always protect and lift up those who are in the boat with Him!
Other Comments:  If “Everything Changes” is my favorite song from this CD, then Fishers of Men is my second favorite hands down!  I love how Cindi Ballard, Wayne Haun and Andrew Brown crafted the lyrics around the idea of fishing and being on the sea.  Not only are the lyrics catchy, they have a message, which is difficult to pull off sometimes.  Here, it’s done masterfully.

10. River In The Rain
Feature:  Adam
Tempo:  Fast
Message:  Do you remember what it felt like to walk out of the valley and climb the mountain again?  The lyrics in this song describe that feeling like this, “My heart is like a river in the rain.”  When a new season of the journey beings there is a sense of renewed purpose, of moving forward…of God’s goodness.  The chorus compares this feeling to a rushing river after a storm – it overflows. It gives life to the land that once was dry and thirsty.  Though this progress gives delight to the soul, there are still lessons to be learned and victories to be won.  The soul presses on and believes the promise of Philippians 1:6, “He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it…”
Other Comments:  The first time I heard this song was on Jim Brady’s (Booth Brothers) solo CD – I’m so glad that a group recorded it!  It’s a great song that needs to be heard and Adam does a great job on it!

11.  This I Know
Feature:  Andrew
Tempo:  Slow
Message:  Sometimes it’s hard to remember the first time you heard about the cross.  To those who grew up in Christian homes, the message is embedded in our lives at an early age, but one thing is certain, the day you asked Jesus to be your Savior is one you’ll never forget.  The chorus repeats the well known refrain, “Jesus loves me this I know…”  From that point on you’ve lived the faith, sang it in songs and shared it with others.  But the simple truth is still music to the heart.  “Jesus loves me this I know, the Bible says it and I believe it’s so – You’ve proved it a million ways now everywhere I go I’m singing Jesus loves me this I know.”
Other Comments:  This is a really sweet song!  I like the way it plays off of the children’s chorus “Jesus Loves Me” in the refrain and builds a “bigger picture” in the verses.

12.  All Hail the Power Of Jesus Name with Crown Him
Feature:  Instrumental/Violins
Tempo:  Ballad
Message:  N/A
Other Comments:  This is a fully orchestrated track featuring the Browns on the strings.  There is no singing, just some great playing!

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