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Cd Review: More Than Enough – The Whisnants

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The Whisnants have released a new project this summer (2011) entitled, More Than Enough.  On this recording you will continue to hear the sound that the Whisnants have established themselves in.  All the songs fit their style musically and vocally – you won’t find anything out of the ordinary on this Cd.  One thing I noticed concerning the songs, was that it was popular to combine hymns within these new tunes.  You can listen for this in songs like:  All Is Well, He’s Living Today and I Will Glory In The Cross.  So there you have it!  Hymns aren’t dying!  These new songs the Whisnants have selected are bound to minister to the folks who hear them.  In my opinion, the best song on this project is Dianne Wilkinson’s Burn The Boat.  It’s the highlight for me – the message is just what we need to hear today and is executed wonderfully!  It’s worth the whole project just to hear it!

On this recording you will hear vocals from…
Baritone – Jeff Whisnant
Alto – Susan Whisnant
Lead – Aaron Hise

1. Oh, It Is Jesus
Tempo:  Medium
Feature:  Jeff
Message:  The first verse considers the desire to go to the city Jesus built for us, even though we’ve never seen it before.  A modulation lifts us up to the second verse, which takes the time to describe some of the beautiful things we will see there: jasper walls, mansions, etc.  Yet, in contrast to all of those things, the lyrics say that, “all of the beauty and the splendor that these eyes will see – could never make it heaven for me.” The refrain tells us what makes heaven the wonderful place it is – Jesus.  Like the last line of the chorus says, “He’s the reason that I’m longing now to go.” Verse two communicates the attraction in seeing Jesus face to face, and in anticipation of that moment listens for the call that will take us there.
Other Comments:  What a great way to kick off a project!  I love these lyrics and what they say.  As much as I love SGM, sometimes the words focus on the wrong things when it comes to talking about heaven…but not so here.  Jim Brady really hit the nail on the head with this one!

2.  All Is Well
Tempo:  Ballad
Feature:  Susan
Message:  This lovely ballad reassures the Believer that when the storms of life come…with the Lord, “all is well.”  The first verse counsels the one who is burdened to trust God with everything – for with Him there is no way we can be defeated.  The chorus surrounds the same with comforting rounds of “all is well,” and lets those who are troubled know that the Lord’s strength does not waver because He is still in control!  The second verse continues encouraging the Believer to hold on to the promises in the Word, like, where it says to “cast your care upon the Lord, for He cares for you.”  He has displayed His grace and mercies many times ~ they are sufficient!  The bridge reminds us not to be weary because He has control over our lives, then goes into the well known hymn, It Is Well With My Soul, before swinging back into the chorus one last time.
Other Comments:  Beautiful lyrics!

3.  God Settled It All
Tempo:  Fast
Feature:  Jeff and Aaron
Message:  “God settled it all forever, amen.  Conquered at Calvary all of my sin…” are the opening lines to the chorus of this song about our victory through Christ’s atoning death.  The number begins with the chorus, and it’s message speaks of the death of Christ being the final payment for sin.  The first verse paints a suspenseful picture of Justice coming to receive it’s due concerning all of a persons mistakes.  Satan is all to happy to name them off for him, but since God extended His mercy at the cross, forgiveness is ours.  The second verse talks about the assurance we have for the future because of our eternal security in Christ.  We can look forward to that day when we will rise with Him in the air because of our salvation.
Other Comments:  I love the drums on the chorus of this one!  Also, the “amen’s” that all three parts echo at the end are note worthy and fun.

4.  I’m Trusting The Blood
Tempo:  Slow
Feature:  Aaron
Message:  This song talks about the choice we have as Believers to either fuss over our mistakes, or trust in the Blood of Christ.  The first verse speaks of those times when our past overwhelms our thoughts, it is then, in our doubt, when we cling to the Blood and it’s cleansing power.  The refrain declares our trust in the Blood that Jesus shed for us, it’s power to make us clean, and it’s mercy for all.  The second verse recalls the victory Christ claimed on Calvary and how it can be ours when we call on His name.  I love the line, “For all of my needs, He’s more than enough – so I’m looking to Calvary and I’m trusting the Blood.”
Other Comments:  This song has a message that will minister!

5.  He’s Living Today
Tempo:  Medium/Fast
Feature:  Jeff
Message:  This number is centered on the fact that only Believers can claim – that is, serving a Savior who is alive.  The first verse sets up the scene at Calvary, where Christ willingly paid for our sins.  Though His followers thought all was lost because their Master was dying, the chorus triumphantly declares that Jesus rose again on the third day and most importantly…is living today!  The refrain reminds us of the details concerning the resurrection: His tomb is empty, He rose to save sinners, and He conquered death and the grave.  The second verse contrasts our faith in a living Savior with other religions who go to occupied graves and serve masters who can’t save them.
Other Comments:  The very end of the song teases the listener into hearing the first few words of the chorus from they hymn “He Lives”, before going back into the chorus.  It doesn’t change the melody of the song, but fits the tune well, both musically and in theme.

6.  I’ll Trust The Potter’s Hands
Tempo:  Slow
Feature:  Susan
Message:  We are all familiar with the passage of Scripture that says, “You are the potter, I am the clay,” and here we have another great song written on that subject.  I like how the writer narrates the first verse, the person sitting on the potter’s wheel talks as if they are the clay.  You can hear the repentant mood in the first four lines: just like before, you find yourself on the potter’s wheel because of faults.  Then, the Potters “strong and loving hands” apply pressure and the clay trembles when sent into the fire again.  The chorus speaks out with more confidence – “I’ll trust the Potter’s hands, He knows what’s best for me.” Continuing, it talks about His perfect plan and how we can trust Him, because He knows how much we can endure.  The second verse talks about the Potter working His hands deep inside our lives, though it’s painful at times, He’s molding us into His image, and we can rest assured that He’s in control and makes no mistakes.
Other Comments:  There are many songs out there about the Potter and clay, but I think this one has a focal point that differs from the rest.  For instance, take the line in the second verse that says: “Though my world spins all around, the Potter’s in control.” Common knowledge – clay spins on a wheel.  But who else has taken that fact into a song and related it to our everyday life, that indeed, does spin at times!

7.  Are You Ready
Tempo:  Fast
Feature:  Susan
Message:  The theme of this song asks the classic question: are you ready to meet the Lord?  In the intro we get a taste of the chorus’s first line, “Are you ready to meet the Lord?” – then it veers back to the first verse.  Christ is coming soon – sooner than it’s ever been before.  So have you let Him in your life?  Though the hour of His coming is unknown, Believers pray that He won’t tarry because when Gabriel sounds the call – we’re going with Him!  The chorus goes into a series of questions that you would ask someone after you inquire if they are prepared to meet God.  Questions like: have you been to Calvary?  Have you tasted the Living Water?  Been cleansed by His blood?  Are you looking for His return?  The second verse beckons the ones who aren’t sure of their salvation to go to the Well.  I like the line that says, “There’s a lot of folks offering another way to heaven, but God’s Word says they’re wrong.  The blood of the Lamb is the only way to make it home!”
Other Comments:

8. I Will Glory In The Cross
Tempo:  Slow
Feature:  Aaron
Message:  This song places the glory where it is due – to the Lord Jesus, and Him alone.  Verse one explains that nothing I can do, not even good deeds, is worthy of His grace and mercy, but all praise belongs to the One who willingly took my place on the cross.  The chorus simply repeats, “I will glory in the cross,” so as not to take any credit for ourselves and make it appear that His death and agony was all in vain.  The second verse sets forth in detail our unworthiness of His love and grace.  It talks about the things we have to offer Him: our crowns, trophies, and robes stained with sin.  These things are worth nothing in comparison to His righteousness.  Oh!  How we are not worthy of eating at His table…but God provides a way anyways!  The chorus of Near The Cross is used as the bridge and builds the intensity of the ballad.
Other Comments:  Many ballads are written on this subject of exalting what Christ did for us on the cross and lowering what we think of ourselves.  It’s always refreshing to hear lyrics that hit the nail on the head concerning those thoughts, and this one did just that!  Well done!

9.  Weapon Of Prayer
Tempo:  Slow
Feature:  Jeff
Message:  Written in first person, this song centers itself upon the Believers greatest weapon – prayer.  The first verse speaks of wrestling with the Devil, and how he wants me to give up.  He contends with me everyday trying to get me to do so, but I will never give in as long as there is victory at Calvary!  The chorus uses the idea of prayer being used as a gun on the battlefield.  The line, “I aim it to heaven, there’s no way to lose,” demonstrates this.  The rest of the refrain declares that when I use prayer as my weapon, I will win the battle.  Verse two distinguishes the difference between resisting the Devil and fleeing from him, but goes on to state that he already knows that he’s lost this battle and in the end, he will be the one running!  This line is so encouraging, “He doesn’t stand a chance, when I’m down on my knees.”

10.  Ready Medley
Tempo:  Fast
Feature:  All vocals
Message:  This is a medley of three well known classics in Southern Gospel Music, they are: Getting Ready To Leave, Getting Ready To Leave This World, and Goodbye, World Goodbye.  The first of these, Getting Ready To Leave, showcases a verse that is a favorite of mine.  It contrasts the Believer who is getting ready to leave this world with those who are “so busy with their fortunes they forget what Jesus said,” and only plan for their life on earth.  The second song entwined in this tune is I’m Getting Ready To Leave This World, which speaks about preparing for that wonderful place called heaven.  Last but not least is Goodbye, World Goodbye, an up-beat “quartet song” that talks about going to heaven in a very, happy, positive way!

11.  Burn The Boat
Tempo:  Slow
Feature:  Susan
Message:  This ballad covers the area that Christians lack the most – the challenge to surrender your whole life to Jesus and never turn back.  The first verse takes us back to the New Testament when the disciples watched the Lord be willingly taken by soldiers…they lost their hope.  In their misunderstanding of what was happening, they decided to go back and do what they did before they met the Lord, fishing.  The second verse gives us a modern day picture of the same principle: a godly farmer left his agricultural career to preach the Gospel.  He did so for many years, but towards the end, he didn’t see enough harvest, and in discouragement went back to farming.  With conviction the chorus exclaims, “Burn the boat, burn the plow – so you won’t ever turn around!” It points out that we shouldn’t leave any part of our life open to going back to what we were before we turned our life over to Jesus.  Even when things aren’t going the way we thought, don’t give up, stay faithful to what God has called you to do!  The bridge closes the song with a happy ending: the disciples rejoiced to see the Lord risen and the farmer saw what the disciples did too!
Other Comments:  In my opinion, lyrically, this is the best song on the project!  The message is so pertinent for today!  In a world where few follow the Lord like He would have them, this call to stay committed to Jesus, spreading His Word and believing His promises even when things go wrong…is just what we need!

Burn the boat
Burn the plow
So you won’t ever turn around
When God won’t answer
And your backs against the wall.
That old life
You led before
You left behind to serve the Lord
Trust in Him and stay
Committed to His call
And pray from deep inside
Lord, I surrender all

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