Christ in the Nativity: Part 1 – The Star

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The earth was silent.  All creatures of the field were nuzzled in their dens and nests, watching, waiting.  Even the sky, with its twinkling lights hung deathly still in a veil of darkness.  All creation seemed to hold its breath in anticipation of what would take place that night.  Somehow, they just knew…

That night the towns and highways were filled with the uninformed.  Relatives filled the homes of family members coming home for the census and strangers filled the inns.  Though the sun dipped below the horizon hours ago, the activity of the day still lingered in the air.  The people were restless, distracted.  It was a dark time in which to live, you know, to know one’s home country was under the control of an emperor who lived far away and in grand estates.  But what made the circumstances most dire, was knowing that the Emperor to whom they sacrificed and learned of, hadn’t spoken to them in 400 years.  It was just too bad that man nor woman, boy or girl, felt a stirring in their soul to lift their eyes to the heavens…for there in the darkest hour of the night, the hope of the world shone down on them.  A star.  Behold, the Light had come.

…“for we have seen His star…”
– Matthew 2:2

The star signaled the birth of the Savior, Jesus Christ.  Yet, why a star?  Why choose to be born in the night?  Under the cover of darkness?  For surely, the Creator knew the exact minute, the exact second, when His Son would come into the world.  So, why didn’t He choose to come in the daytime?

The answer has been sung many a time, “For the darker the midnight – the more I see Jesus.”

For our Lord, in the Nativity, is the star.  The star was the one who guided both the wise men and the shepherds to where He lay.  He welcomed both the rich (the wise men) and the poor (the shepherds) when He was born, and He still welcomes both today.  For in the day, in the hustle and bustle of life, one would never find a baby in a manger on their own.  They most likely would not have a reason too.  But when the evening comes, and you can work no more, the weary mind searches for rest, and your eyes fall upon the beauty of the star.  A star like no other you have ever seen.  Then, then you are ready to seek what you thought you had no need of.  For in the daytime, you need not a light to guide you, because you can see where the path leads.  But when your world is in darkness – it is then that you need a light to lead you to the answer – Jesus Christ.   He is the light, the star if you will, that will lead you through this dark world.

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