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Christianity says faith…
The world says fairytale…
But what do the facts say?????

The truth is, Christians can’t prove that God created the world and Evolution can’t prove that the world evolved by chance.  Both arguments take faith.  But…which one is right?  Personally, I find it very frustrating that there isn’t some scientific formula that proves what I believe is right!  LOL  (I believe that God created the universe in six 24 hour days, I believe in Noah’s flood, and  that the Earth is young, say 6000 years old.)  On the other hand, I do believe that there are things in this world that science has discovered that will help us see which belief to place our faith in.  *smile*  God hasn’t left us without a witness… “Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath showed it unto them.  For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse.”  – Romans 1:19-20  This then, is the witness we have concerning the age of the earth.  Is the earth 3.5 billions of years old?  Or is it somewhere around 6000 years old?  What do the facts say?


The Moon…
BBS News had an article online (link here) explaining that the moon is gradually getting farther away from the earth.  “The Moon continues to spin away from the Earth, at the rate of 3.78cm (1.48in) per year, at about the same speed at which our fingernails grow.  Without the Moon, the Earth could slow down enough to become unstable, but this would take billions of years and it may never happen at all.”  I find this very interesting, because if the Moon is spinning away from the earth 1.48 inches per year…that means in the past, the Moon was closer to the earth!  Another thing to think about is this, if it would take “billions” of years for the Moon to drift far enough away to effect life here, what makes us think that same period of time wouldn’t effect the Earth in the opposite direction?  If the earth is billions of years old, how close would the Moon have been back then?  Walt Brown, an American mechanical engineer, researched this.  In his book, In the Beginning (Page 177), he said “1.2 billion years ago the Moon would be touching the earth.”
The Sun…
The Oct-Dec 2012 issue of Answers Magazine (link here) (Page 51) had a write up that included the 10 best evidences for a young earth.  This paragraph on the sun caught my attention.  “Evidence now supports astronomers’ belief that the sun’s power comes from the fusion of hydrogen into helium deep in the sun’s core, but there is a huge problem.  As the hydrogen fuses, it should change the composition of the sun’s core, gradually increasing the sun’s temperature.  If true, this means that the earth was colder in the past.  In fact, the earth would have been below freezing 3.5 billion years ago, when life supposedly evolved.”  This hurts Evolution in more ways than one.  Evolution teaches that after the Big Bang, the Earth was HOT and had to cool down before life could evolve.  That is in direct opposition to what really happened, if the Earth would have been below freezing billions of years ago.

Why does any of this matter?  Science is discovering facts (like those listed above) that point to a young earth.  I find that exciting!  The very thing that some try to use to discredit the Bible is actually confirming that the Bible is reliable.  That strengthens my faith.  Not that I believe we need sources outside of the Word of God to verify that what it says is true – but because I see many Believers stumble with Genesis 1 due to feeling that they don’t have enough knowledge to debate Evolution.  (Trust me!  I’m in that crowd too!)  Yet, I’m not sure we even need to debate it, all we need to do is have an answer…know one or two good facts that support a young earth.  (Like knowing that 1.2 billion years ago the Moon would be touching the Earth – or, 3.5 billion years ago the Earth would have been below freezing.)  God has given us a witness as to the age of our universe, let’s use that information in our witness to point others to the Creator.  The earth can’t be billions of years old…and though I hate to say the information above “proves” it (because everyone will find something to argue about even with the best information), it would take a lot, and I mean a lot of faith, to believe that this world is older than a few thousand years.

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