There is a dangerous trend going on in the world today.  It’s called suicide.  Drug addiction.  Alcohol overdose.  The list could go on to public school shootings and murder, but we’ll stop there.  For some reason, human’s have lost the value of life.  Why is this so?  If Evolution is true things should be getting better, but if you look around…they’re only getting worse.  Check out this chart on crime rate for the United States…


We see crime rate jumping drastic rates in the 1960’s – what would cause such a wide change in our nation in that time period?  As a Christian, I have an opinion about that!  You may remember that prayer was taken out of public school in 1962, but there’s something else that happened in the ‘60’s that we might consider.  It was the time that Evolution began to be widely taught in our school systems.  Now, I’m not going to blame this “theory of science” for all our world’s woes (there has always been and will always be crime), but I find it highly suspicious that when the idea that God created humans for a special purpose was replaced by the teaching that we evolved from animals – humans began to quickly fall by the wayside and start acting like animals!  (Pardon the pun!)

So the question we’re going to deal with in this post is: Is it possible for a human body to evolve? 

The facts that I’m going to present this time come from one man – Harold J. Morowitz.  This man is famous for an article he wrote in Science News titled, “The Six Million Dollar Man” in 1976.  For years it has been believed that the human body is only worth 97 cents, but one day this man proved that wrong.  As a molecular biologist from Yale, he was certainly qualified to do it!  HSEB Guides has an excellent summery of that “Six Million Dollar Man” article…I’d like to quote it here, and when you’re done reading it, ask yourself the question, What are the chances of a human being evolving as Evolution claims?

“Theme of the essay: Man with emotions, feeling, sensations, love, etc. is the most expensive man.  Though the human body can be talked about in terms of money, a human being is priceless.

Summery of the essay “The Six Million Dollar Man”:
On his birthday, the writer got a card from his daughter and son in law which stated that the price of the human body is only 97 cents.  The writer was not satisfied with this definition of the human body.  So, he started to investigate the thing himself.  He consulted a catalogue which contained the names of the different chemicals which make a human body.  The prices of the chemicals were written in the catalogue according to per gram.  Some chemicals were cheaper whereas some chemicals were really very costly.  The writer started his computation.  He took his weight and subtracted from 68% of water portion.  He found his dry weight 24,436 gm and by a further computation, he came to know that he was worth of 6 million dollars.

He became very glad at this discovery.  He had been sad at the information of 97 cents, but by his discovery, he suddenly felt that he was really a rich man.  But, again he gave the whole matter a second thought.  He thought that the chemicals printed in the card were only crude chemicals.  So, they did cost so little.  Again, the next difficulty was the price of the refined chemicals.  Certainly, the human body is not made up of crude chemicals but by the refined chemicals.  In that case, his price was certainly not only six million, but six billion.

Again, he was not satisfied and started to think in a new direction.  He thought that if at all he bought all the needed chemicals and put them in a bottle and also put the bottle in a fridge, and if he shook the bottle he wasn’t going to get a human body from it.  Some organism was needed to change the chemicals into bones, flesh and the other organs of the body.  No such method or organism is invented yet.  Even if it was invented and even if we could make a human body with the help of chemicals and the machines, the product wouldn’t speak or feel or be angry or love anyone.

To sum up, though science can make a human body (though it’s not possible yet), science is certainly not going to make a human being.  In fact, there is the difference between a human body and a human being.  A human body can be talked in the terms of money, but a human being is priceless.  Indeed, a human being is the infinite preciousness.  This is the final definition given by the writer.” 

Did you catch that?  “Even if we could make a human body with the help of chemicals and machines, the product wouldn’t speak, feel, be angry or love.”  If ever there were a case against Evolution it would be that right there.  If we can’t do it with the technology we have now, what makes anyone think it could happen with no help at all!  Not only was the writer of that essay right, …well, let me tell you why I think he’s right…

“And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” – Genesis 2:7

There is only One being that can create life…and He’s not in a lab, He’s in heaven.  But notice this about that verse – when did man become a living soul?  When God breathed the breath of life into Adam’s body.  That means that before God breathed into Adam, his body was just a shell…it couldn’t speak, feel or love.  (Just like the essay said.)  What changed Adam’s lifeless shell into a living being?  God.

I think that says it all.  The worth of a person, every person, isn’t really 6 million dollars (though that is impressive!).  The worth of a person is found in this: God created humans in His image, and when He hand crafted the first one – He alone gave Adam what no beast of the field had, and that is the breath of God.  If we can take this a little further…that one breath of life was so powerful it kept Adam breathing for 930 years!  But it didn’t stop there, Adam passed on that “breath of life” (if you will) to every one of his descendants until it trickled down to you and me thousands of years later.  And if that weren’t enough, when we fell short of the standard God had set up, He sent His only Son to die on a cross to pay for our sin so we could be restored to Him!  But that’s a story for another time…

Until next time, remember, God did it all!

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