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Saturday, February 9th will be a monumental day for me. No, it isn’t my birthday or anything like that! On February 9th, it will officially be 62 days since I’ve been to a Southern Gospel concert! A record-breaker for sure…not one that I’m all too thrilled about either! LOL One of the concerts that we planned on going to cancelled due to weather and another we couldn’t make it to – though we really, really wanted too! But, if you’ve noticed the event counter on the top of my hope page, the Truthseekers Homecoming is right around the corner! The dates are February 21-23…so button down the hatches! I see concert reviews dawning on the horizon!


What will be new on Lynn’s Chronicles in February?
Until then, I have plenty of things to keep ya’ll busy with! Two new series are appearing this month! Think I’ll call the first one the “Hidden Talent Series” – this will be four YouTube videos that I have selected of everyday people singing your favorite SGM songs. You can find each of these videos posted on Tuesday of every week! The other series is a new set of devotionals. The last four weeks we have been looking at Scripture dealing with the “lasting water” that Christ gives and how that applies to our personal walk with the Lord. Now, I want to step into another area of the Christian life – how do we defend our faith against Evolution and atheism? So we’re going to call this series “Faith, Facts and Fairytales!” These will be posted on Saturdays. In between those posts I have a few other things in the works. In the CD review department, I’m excited to share reviews of Gerald Wolfe’s latest piano solo project, Hymns You Asked For, and Tribute Quartet’s CD that released last Fall, Our Anthem. Also be looking for a photo album of the Great Smokies Praisefest, another DVD review and maybe…just maybe, another book review! Oh! And don’t forget that February’s give-a-way is still running! The prize is L5’s Count Your Blessings CD – if you want to enter, click HERE!

The Audio Page…
This month’s audio selection is called In God’s Storm of Love – I’m not familiar with the preacher personally, but his name is J. Stewart Gillespie – and from the sound of it, he’s from somewhere in the British isles! His message asked the question: if God is good, why do I suffer? It’s an age old question, I know, but the answer that he gave was a lot different than what I’m used to hearing from most preachers. It made me think about the question in a different way. It was very interesting and practical! I hope it blesses you.

Real News…
Please continue to pray for Tracy Stuffle! Two weeks ago (January 21st) Tracy suffered a massive stroke that caused a vessel hemorrhage (bleeding in the brain) and he has been in the ICU. Right now, he is in a medically induced coma with a drainage cath in to drain off blood from the brain. He, Libbi and Jared still need our prayers! You can follow updates on Tracy’s healing on Caring Bridge.

Another thing I’m excited about is the opportunity to help promote a Christian author and her romance novels! Mary Lu Tyndall writes faith-filled romance and is one of my all time favorite authors! Her works always have a strong Biblical theme – but what I appreciate most is her desire to blend adventure in with the romantic side of the story. If Christian fiction (Historical fiction especially) is your thing, be sure to drop by tomorrow and read a special “non-SGM” related post where you can get a sneak peek into her new book, Forsaken Dreams, and a special question and answer segment with the author herself! Mrs. Tyndall will also be giving away two copies of Forsaken Dreams each Friday of every month in celebration of the book’s official release in March! So, if you enter and win, you’ll get the book before it’s released in the stores! Be sure to come check it out!

Until then, I’ll leave you with a new music video from Channing Eleton. This new song is called “Days” and features Channing playing, singing and acting as the “main character” in the story line the video depicts. I know you’ll enjoy it!

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