SNJuneIf you’re a subscriber to the Singing News, you may have noticed a new feature (that will appear occasionally in the magazine) in the June issue called “What’s New?”  This column was designed to showcase new products like DVD’s, books and other unique items that aren’t released as often as CD’s, but are still of interest to those of us who like to keep on top of what’s newly available in our favorite genre!

I was privileged to write the first installment of “What’s New?” for the June issue.  This article is a DVD review, featuring the Chuck Wagon Gang’s documentary, The Legacy Lives On.  If you wanna take a peek, just grab the magazine and turn to page 52!

If you’re not familiar with Singing News or don’t have a subscription but would still like to read the review, you can purchase the June issue here for just $5!







Here is a quick teaser from the review…

“To the child of God there is no such thing as a chance meeting; every encounter has a divine purpose.  When The Chuck Wagon Gang performed a concert in Sparta, Tennessee in June of 2011 and radio disc jockey Eddie Stubbs appeared in the audience, one of those divine purposes was set in motion…just as the Carter family found out over 75 years ago.”

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