fallcolor1The leaves have begun their descent from the trees, the colorful hues faded to earthy brown and their vibrant texture shriveled up as they crush under our feet.  Fall is here.  One of my favorite times of the year too!  It signals the end of one season and the beginning of another…which reminds me, October is over in itself and there are many things to tell you about!

Halloween can be a controversial topic in some Christian circles.  So here comes a funny story!  When I was a kid (and I mean, little kid!) we were going to a church that thought it would be fun to have a harvest festival on Halloween night themed around Noah’s Ark.  All the kids dressed up as animals or if you were a boy, you could be Noah.  Since I wasn’t a boy, my Mom made me my very own critter outfit…a beaver!  I guarantee you; my sis and I were the only two beavers on that ark!  LOL





My travels for October have kept me relatively close to home, in Missouri and Arkansas.  This month’s first “outing” was the Meramec Caverns Fall Festival of Gospel Music, or more commonly known as, The Lester’s Homecoming!  For four nights (and in some cases, afternoons) we enjoyed some of the finest and most blessed concerts you’ll ever attend.  More recently, we spent last weekend in Arkansas to see the Mark Trammell Quartet and then up in Steelville, Missouri where we saw the Isaacs…on my birthday!

whatsnextTomorrow I’m off to Mountain Grove for Duane Garren’s 11th Annual Gospel Music Concert.  This concert will be the first event in the new gymnasium at the school in Mountain Grove…it’s so new, it was dedicated today!  Special guests will be The McCunes and The McKameys at 1 PM – if you’re in the area, come on over!  I’m also exciting to be going to on the Showboat Branson Belle the Sunday after Thanksgiving to see MTQ and the Whisnants new Christmas program!  Speaking of that…

Have you ever saw a really good event you wanted to go to but couldn’t attend?  Ever wish you could just sit at home and enjoy the excitement of being there, yet, not have to leave your home?  Well, The Whisnants and Mark Trammell Quartet may just have the event for you!  On Monday, November 3rd, these groups are hosting a “Launch Party” on Facebook for their new Christmas CD, Home For Christmas.  From what I’ve heard, they’re planning on having a lot of fun talking about their new CD, Christmas and all sorts of things!  And…you can be a part no matter where you are as long as you have access to your Facebook account (via smart phone, tablet or computer).  Isn’t that cool?  To join the event click -> www.homeforchristmaslaunchparty.com    You can watch the video below for more info!

The Event Planner in October’s issue of SGN Scoops features none other than the Southern Gospel Picnic at Silver Dollar City!  You can read the full story HERE on page 65.


To be honest, not much!  But since we talked about a Christmas CD in this post, then maybe we can talk about a Christmas book?  Recently, I read a brand new collection of Christmas novellas by Barbour Publishing called The Westward Christmas Brides – nine short stories set in the American West at Christmas time.  Now, it is no surprise to you all that one of the contributing authors, Mary Lu Tyndall, is one of my favorites – so with that in mind, I’m going to brag on her story for a minute or two.  Mary Lu’s story is set in California back in 1855; her main character is a widow with two children, a vineyard and a need for a strong man who can protect her grapes from the “bad guy” who keeps setting the vines on fire.  How desperate could a woman get?  Miss Caroline has a choice – marry the Hispanic Ranchero who rules the town or the pirate who is about to hang?  I love how Mary Lu includes these unsavory characters in as many of her stories as she can – pirates are truly a lost piece of history and make for a very entertaining and interesting romance story!  (All of the stories in this collection are very clean in the romantic department.)  The only thing Tyndall’s story lacks is snow, then again, you wouldn’t expect snow in the part of California Caroline’s story is set in anyway, and the other stories more than make up for the white Christmases!    As far as variety in the collection goes, there are stories with the traditional stagecoaches, wagon trains, far away outposts and even a Crow Indian Tepee!

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