In her book, Hear My Heart, Sheri Easter, recording artist and author, shares her life story and battle through breast cancer.  In these pages, you will find what carried Sheri through that trial (and many others as well), a family’s love and her full dependence and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

At the young age of twenty, Sheri was introduced to the heart wrenching reality of death when her father passed away.  Because she had such a “good daddy” in Sheri’s words, that made the loss even more difficult.  This sent her searching the Scriptures for comfort and healing, which she found in the Psalms and memorizing Bible verses and poetry.  A little later down the road, after marrying Jeff and starting a family of their own, Sheri’s grandparents also passed away thirteen months apart from each other.  Through helping make the decisions for the funeral plans during these losses, Sheri began to develop a strength that would later help her get through breast cancer.  When she was diagnosed, her family (especially her husband Jeff and kids, Madison, Morgan and Maura) were a great encouragement to her.  Through that difficult time they kept her life filled with love.

Sheri’s dependence on her Savior, Jesus Christ, was the most important part of her battle with cancer.  She talks about finding in Christ a “deep-seated joy that will sustain you through the busyness and unfairness of life.”  “Find a perspective that allows you to see your blessings instead of your lack,” says Sheri.  She also tells of her KJV Bible being a constant companion on the road and at home.  In times of worry, it calms the fears she and everyone else also faces in life.  This lifestyle of searching the Word for life’s answers goes back to when her father passed away, ever since then, the Bible has been the Truth that keeps her on track and focused on what’s important.

Hear My Heart
isn’t just a book about breast cancer ~ it’s a book about Sheri’s life.  It’s not just a book about Sheri alone, either ~ it’s about her family legacy, the one she inherited from her mother and the one she is passing on to her children today.  There is so much more in this volume, so many stories to re-tell, that this little review can’t begin to hold it all!  The time of her childhood when she accidentally sucked up her pet gerbil with a vacuum cleaner, how she sang on a picnic table in the backyard with her cousin, and won the talent contest that eventually crowned her Homecoming Queen of 79-80’ – it’s just fun and full of heartfelt stories that will make you feel like you’ve known Sheri all your life.

“Life can be busy, life can be unfair, and it can overwhelm you at times; nevertheless, you are in control of your responses to whatever life sends your way.”
– Sheri Easter

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  2. Jenny Purcell Posted on July 1, 2012 at 8:59 pm

    i love the enougement of Sheri Easter’s book beacuse it gives me the healing, hope, faith, and love to Hear my Heart gives me the strength on how to live my life all through deeling with loss of a loved one and it’s a blessing to read the whole entire book for me. So i read it to give me the comfort and hope through Jesus Christ that he came into my life forever now.

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