_DSC3349The second night at Beacon Park was one that will be remembered in the books for years to come.  Yes, that has something to do with the title of this review, just hang in there and you’ll have a good laugh.  I promise!  This concert was on a Friday night and we made it there early enough to set up our chairs close to the front in the second row.  Once again, there were three artists on the line-up and they were Bob Hammons and Wildwood, The Mark Trammell Quartet and The McKameys.

“Bob Hammons and Wildwood are as country as cornbread,” said Duane Garren when he introduced the bluegrass group.  My favorite part of watching groups like this is their live instruments and watching those four men play was a treat.  They began with a song called Trust In Him and then Bob let everyone know who was on stage singing and playing.  “We thought this song would be appropriate for here,” Bob went on, “If you want to sing with us a little that would tickle us to death.”  That song was The Lighthouse (perfect for Beacon Park) and Preachin’ By The Roadside followed.  “We’re going to do an old song now,” said Bob, “A good old song, Wayfaring Stranger.”  After singing through the first verse and chorus the dobro and guitar took the lead as we listened to the talent behind the hands that held them.  Bob sang a slower tune called Let Me Fall then he featured Doug on I’m Going To A City then they closed with Half Way Home and The Long Journey Home.


“Who’s ready for some quartet singing?” Duane asked after making some announcements.  “Oh, whoa!” Duane began, “You’re going to have to do better than that…this is one of the top groups in the nation, let your walk talk!  The Mark Trammell Quartet!”  As Mark, Randy, Nick and Dustin kicked off their set with Leave Your Sorrows their bus driver marched down to the front of the stage, held up his i-phone and snapped a selfie.  (Such a character!)  The guys just laughed and shook their heads.  LOL  How Long Has It Been and Ransomed and Redeemed followed.  Mark was going to introduce the quartet when a nice breeze blew over the field, so instead, Mark exclaimed, “We need to let the Lord know we like what He’s doing!”  (Speaking of the breeze.)  Well, he introduced the group and had Randy (MTQ’s bass singer) sing Wonderful Time Up There.  “Here’s a brand new song from our new project, listen to the words,” Mark said.  God’s Been Faithful wasn’t the only new song they sang, in fact, three more followed!  Next was When The King Comes To Claim His Throne, Your Walk Talks and I’ll Take It To The Grave.  “Let us do this last song and then you’ll get to hear one of my favorite families,” Mark grinned, “We had a request to sing this song; I love the story in it.” The King Is Coming began and if you listened closely, you could hear the crowd singing it too…

The offering was taken up at this time and to keep everyone entertained while the ushers made it all the way to the back Duane asked everyone who was under the age of 30 to come down to the front.  I was still jotting down notes when I realized, “That means me, doesn’t it?”  Well, I was sitting on the second row with nowhere to hide and not far to go so I made my way up to the front and joined the company already gathered.  At that moment I felt very…tall!  LOL  It was encouraging to see all the youth present at Beacon Park.


“As Mark said, here is one of America’s favorite families and it’s a special time in their ministry,” explained Duane, “This year Peg is celebrating 60 years of singing.”  The McKameys made their way on stage and began with a new song from their “50” project called If Salvation Had Not Been Free.  It didn’t take long to mix in their hits, for the next song was Right On Time and Peg began talking about John chapter 11, Mary and Martha down in Bethany and how their brother got sick.  “Here’s a story about a broken sister who came to church and the pastor was wise enough to pray for her.” Peg said, introducing Roger’s solo, Unspoken Request.  After Roger sang his song Peg took a moment to talk about being in Gospel Music for 60 years.  She doesn’t regret a bit of it, she says, and went on to tell how there are many friends and loved ones on the other side that makes her think about heaven more and more.  Then she sang It Sure Looks Like Home to Me.  “As we get older He gets sweeter,” Rueben interjected afterwards.  He went on to say that he couldn’t remember how many years they’ve been coming to Beacon Park.  After introducing his family, he came to Peg and she let us know that, “He told me that he would be the best thing for me (if she married him) and he convinced me thoroughly – and I’m still convinced!”

It was around the time of the McKameys set that our “friend” entered the Beacon Park gates and trotted down the center aisle on allbeaconparkhog fours.  I was sitting down by the front so I didn’t get to see the hog, he was captured before he reached the stage…though he was desperately trying!  LOL  I pulled this photo off of Facebook since I did not have one of my own and it’s too good not to share!

“We just celebrated Father’s Day,” said Peg, “I think this song is a challenge to fathers and men.”  This duet featuring Roger and Eli was I Want To Be That Man (different from BFA’s version!).  Rueben sang the next song as Peg held up a copy of the Bible during Blessed Old Book.  The following ballad has been nominated in the Top 10 songs in the Singing News Fans Awards this year (2014) – A Hill Worth Dying On.  Sheryl explained the hidden meaning in the lyrics, “It comes from a Military term,” she explained, “You’re at the bottom of the hill and the enemy is at the top and you have to decide whether or not it’s a hill worth dying on.  I’m glad my Savior deemed it a hill worthy dying on.”  From there they went into God On The Mountain – this is one of my favorites!  (Encore!)  “God is still God and when He gives you a word you can count on it!” Peg shared with the audience.  Connie began singing Hold On and everyone soaked in the Spirit that was flowing through that place.  A flick of the hanky and off went the shoes!  “The next song we’re gonna sing is There Is Jesus,” Peg began, “It reminds us that we see Jesus in different ways, sometimes you see Him in the brook, or in the sunset, but we’re going to go through the Scripture and show you where He was.  I want us to look for Jesus in everything we see ‘cause He has a hand in it.” There is Jesus begins with Peg singing and then Sheryl and finally Connie.  Then they finished up their set with Do You Know How It Feels?  “God bless you, thank you so much,” said Peg.

Conclusion:  How did you like the hog?  Ya’ know, there are some folks who say Christians don’t have any fun…well, they don’t know what they’re missing ‘cause we’re having a great time!  The ending to the hog’s story is that he was captured by the volunteers and penned up.  He wasn’t mean, just a little out of place!  Then again, anyone can come to a Gospel Sing, right?  The farm across the road had hogs and we think that somehow he got out, heard the singing, crossed the road and joined us!  LOL  Really, we had a great night!  A Bluegrass band, a quartet and a family group – who could want more?  Beacon Park covered it all Friday night!

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  1. Kaitlyn :) Posted on September 29, 2014 at 3:16 pm

    Love this! 🙂 Wish I was there. Sounded like an all around great time with a lot of encouragement! That hog is huge! LOL, God brings humor into our lives in so many different ways! 🙂

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