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Settings: Bolivia
Time Period: Modern Day

In “Jungle Hideout,” Justin and Jenny Parker accompany their uncle to the jungle in southern Bolivia for the second installment of the Parker Twins Adventure Series. This time, they’re staying in a camp attached to the oil field and don’t have a lot to keep them busy while their uncle works on oil samples for his company, Trinton Oil. So, they befriend a DEA agent, take a ride in a helicopter and try to help catch the drug lords!

This leg of Justin and Jenny’s adventure in South America happens right after their first stop in La Paz. So, if you read the first book in the “Parker Twins” Series, you won’t miss a beat! The story continues flawlessly into “Jungle Hideout.” But, say you haven’t read the first book? I think you could read them out of order and still know what’s going on. The twins in this story are 13 years old, so if you have kids in that age range, this series might be of interest to them. The main point of view is written from Justin’s perspective, so I would say it’s more geared towards boys, but, with his sister’s presence in the novel I think a girl would enjoy the story as well.

I enjoyed how the author took this next part of Justin and Jenny’s story and built on what they learned in the previous book. In “Cave Of The Inca Re,” the twins learned the importance of prayer and how sharing the gospel can impact someone’s life forever. Both of those themes are revisited in “Jungle Hideout,” and I think those are great truths to weave into a story about adventure. I also thought the book flowed well and had a totally different feel than the first one. Where the first book focused on missionaries and ancient ruins, you felt like you were in the jungle with this book! Even though the kids were in the same country, you saw a different way of life for the people in Bolivia and learned how dangerous the drug industry is for both the native people and those using it. A great read for young people!

Conclusion: What I recommend most about this book – and really, so far, the whole series – is that the author puts Justin and Jenny in some adventurous situations where they get to solve mysteries, but also learn to grow in their faith while being instilled with principles that are important for life. For example, this book deals a lot with the effect of drugs, addiction and greed. Most of the time, those are pretty heavy topics! But through Justin and Jenny’s experience in the jungle, a young reader will learn about the dangers of these things in a fun way that will help them make the right decisions in their lives too. Great principles for kids to read about!

Author: lynnschronicles

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