Triumphant Quartet had just finished sound check as I slipped into the Ladies Room before the doors opened for the evening concert.  With a cart of cleaning supplies sitting outside the door, I expected to find a staff member inside making sure the place was clean and fresh…what I didn’t expect was a slightly off key female voice belting out, “Saved by grace!  I’ve been saved by grace!” as she wiped down the mirror with a paper towel in hand. Nevertheless, it brought a smile to my face!

It was Saturday night at the Memphis Quartet Show…which also meant that the next morning we’d get up, climb back on the bus and ride home.  Time had passed by quickly and the last day of the sing had my mind reviewing all the good times I’d remember from it.  Since you have probably read all the previous posts on the Memphis Quartet Show (The Ride, The Inaugural Night, More from Memphis and The All Night Sing), I’m not going to pen every detail of Saturday, but rather give an overview with some highlights.

Primitive Quartet – I’m No Longer An Orphan, That’s How I Was When He Found Me (the song inspired by an old Chevy truck) and Highway To Heaven.


The Mark Trammell Quartet – Meet Me Over On The Other Side, How Long Has It Been, Echoes From The Burning Bush, Wedding Music, Testimony, I Want To Know (standing ovation.)
Highlight:  Mark told the crowd how thrilled he was to be there because the first professional concert he was a part of (with his first “professional group”) was right there at the Ellis Auditorium.  “That was 39 years ago next month,” said Mark, “I can’t believe that.”

Triumphant Quartet – It Won’t Be Long, Saved By Grace, He Raised Me Forgave Me Saved Me, We’re Almost Home, Old White Flag, Bell Of Joy (piano solo with Jeff Stice) When The Trumpet Sounds.
Highlight:  Triumphant was in the middle of singing “Old White Flag” and suddenly, Elvis appeared on stage!  The crowd went nuts.  Standing, yelling and waving those flags around!  At the end of the song “Elvis” threw his “white flag” into the crowd and Jeff Stice exclaimed, “I knew he was alive!”

Conclusion:  The very first Memphis Quartet Show was undoubtedly a success!  If you would like to attend next year, tickets are on sale now!  All you have to do is visit the Memphis Quartet Show website and click the “order seats” page and reserve your tickets for 2014!  You can even choose your seats online!  The dates are June 18-21, 2014.  Hope to see you there!


See ya’ next year!


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