Live The Let-Go Life – Joseph Prince

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We’ve all seen the t-shirts, tote bags and coffee mugs that boast, “Too blessed to be stressed.”  Maybe you even have one. (I do, too!) But after we pour the caffeine into our favorite mug, or, look in the mirror wearing a cute shirt, reality begs for an answer to the question, “How do we actually live that way?”  Joseph Prince’s new Book, Live The Let-Go Life, teaches us how to do just that – overcome the pressure and demands of life with Bible based solutions.

I’ve always liked Pastor Prince’s books because he can take a topic you’ve heard preached your whole life and teach it in a way you’ve never heard before.  Live The Let-Go Life is no exception. Though this book is all about giving your burdens to Jesus, you’ll never see Prince write the generic “give your problems to the Lord and everything will be okay.”  He writes with a genuine, easy to read style, yet, his words are powerfully saturated with deep truths from God’s Word. When you finish it, it’s the examples and deep study of these passages that will give you faith to believe life doesn’t have to be riddled with worry and stress. And I loved that.  It was real but unpredictable.

Another thing that kind of surprised me, but was appropriate, were the examples Pastor Prince used from his own life of how he learned to overcome stress.  Multiple times he shared how he and his wife do certain things to unwind after a long day at church, and have other guidelines to help balance work and rest. It was all so practical!  Maybe that’s why the book came across so real to me – it wasn’t just teaching, it was sharing.

Conclusion: Stress in life is a broad topic. You can have stress for multiple reasons; work, marriage, kids, etc.  That’s why I loved how the author laid a foundation of what the Word teaches on worry, cares and anxiety in the first half of the book, and then had a few chapters at the end on specific topics, like, marriage, parenting and old age.  As mentioned above, Prince used a lot of examples from his own life about overcoming stress, and I felt like that gave the book a personal feel. And, it was also nice to know that these weren’t just his ideas, but rather, he’s lived them out and know they work! It was very refreshing to read this book and hear that we should give our burdens to the Lord because He cares for us in a special way, and not just because it’s the Christian thing to do.  That’s what Prince does best in his books – casts you upon the goodness of God! Regardless of what stage of life you are in, Live The Let-Go Life has plenty of encouragement and ideas of how you can start living worry free today.

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