mayThe theme for May can be wrapped up in one word – grow! We all know the saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” Well, rain (water source) helps flowers to grow, and life can sure pour down some thundershowers on our lives. Maybe its doing so now in yours, so why don’t we use that “rain” to grow more in the Lord! This month, let’s make a point to make a difference, either in someone else’s life or your own. Time is short, let’s do something of eternal value! (Okay! Preaching is over…though, you may find that theme throughout the following paragraphs and posts this month!)

What will be new on Lynn’s Chronicles in May?
We had a great time in Myrtle Beach at Singing in the Sun last month and concert reviews are on their way. Also, if all goes as planned, we’ll be attending some individual concerts this month too! As for CD reviews, Greater Vision’s new project wasn’t out when we saw them in Myrtle Beach, but I ordered it through their website, so I’m currently waiting “not-so-patiently” for it to come in the mail! LOL

Anyway, since our theme is “grow,” the Tuesday video series will feature some videos on YouTube that will have a word of encouragement for us! I hope you’ll stop by and take a listen to them. While we’re talking about videos, I’ll give everyone the results from last months polls!
Week 1: Tribute took the lead with 58% – Greater Vision coming in with 42%
Week 2: Brian Free and Assurance, well, they squashed Gold City taking 100% of the votes! Leaving GC with a humiliating 0%.
Week 3: Mark Trammell Quartet won with 70% – the Hoppers lagging with 30%
Week 4: Gerald and Tim claimed the winning percentage with an astounding 91% – leaving Roger and Scott with only 9%. I thought these polls were a lot fun and look forward to doing some more in the future! Thanks to ALL who participated!

lgmb_dvdAlso! Don’t forget that this month’s give-a-way is up and running through Friday! This month we have two prizes; a Historical Christian Fiction novel called “The Lightkeeper’s Ball” and a CD from the Mark Trammell Quartet titled “Treasures.” Might you be this month’s winner?

Now, for the grand finale! Because May has five “Thursdays” in it, I want to use that day to expand the DVD review section on this site. The first review we did was Lari Goss: The Man Behind the Music…I also look forward to reviewing the Jubilee 3 DVD, MTQ’s Live in Louisville, and a few others! Stay tuned!


The Audio Page…
One of my friends and I have taken on a special project to “help us grow” this year – we’ve been memorizing Scripture together! Right now, we are in the middle of Psalm 34, so you may not be surprised to find out that our sermon for this month is based on Psalm 34! I hope you take a listen HERE, I think it’ll help you grow too!

Real News…
The art of “growing” can be seen when one ventures into something new, well, three of Southern Gospel Music’s favorite people have been doing that recently with social media. As of April 16, legendary baritone singer Mark Trammell joined Twitter! If you have a Twitter account, I highly recommend you follow this fellow @MarkTrammell. On the other hand, Jeff Stice (of Triumphant) and Chris Allman (of Greater Vision) have teamed together on Twitter for a brand new Southern Gospel Saga of “Adventures of Chris n’ Jeff.” The only thing I can think to say is…these two are hilarious together! Give ’em a follow @adventuresofcnj …(Between these three, your feed will never be the same! LOL)

To close this post, I have some very happy news and some sad news. I’ll give you the sad news first – Derrick Selph has announced that he’s coming off the road. Derrick has been with Brian Free and Assurance for 10 years and will be sorely missed. You can read the press release from Singing News HERE – if you’ve read that article you’ll congratulate and appreciate this godly man for putting his family first!

Now for some happy news! Tracy Stuffle has been moved into a rehab/hospital facility! The name of the facility is Kindred Hospital – this is a big step forward and we’re rejoicing with Libbi for Tracy’s continued progress! To keep up with the daily updates, go to their Journal on Caring Bridge

“Thou are my hiding place; thou shalt preserve me from trouble; thou shalt compass me with songs of deliverance. Selah.” – Psalm 32:7

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