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If you miss lunch on purpose so you can eat at the “food shack,” you might be in Carnesville, Georgia over Memorial Day Weekend.  Indian Creek Baptist Church hosts a three day Gospel sing and one of the things they’re known for is their cooking! In front of the tent is what we affectionately call the “food shack,” and I’ve not tasted anything bad from its kitchen.  The prices are reasonable, and all the proceeds go to fund the church’s mission trip. On Friday afternoon, I made sure we were at the tent in time to get a bite to eat. My order? A hot dog, cheese fries and an apple pie. (The pies are the personal size, “half moon” shaped ones). I’m telling you, that apple pie was cooked to perfection!

Not long after I finished eating, Gary Farmer was on stage welcoming everyone to the second night of Indian Creek.  Because a lot of folks bring their RV’s to the sing and park around the tent, Gary asked one of the campers to come lead the Pledge of Allegiance.  The gentleman had served in the military and had been to every singing they had at the church – all 18 years! After we said the Pledge and sang the National Anthem, it was time for Gospel music with the McKameys, Primitive Quartet and Josh & Ashley Franks!

The McKameys kicked off the night, and I enjoy their enthusiasm and love for the Lord.  “Give It Away” and “I Could Go On” were their first songs of the evening, then Ruben greeted the crowd and introduced his family.  After we were acquainted with the group members, Peg announced that this year marks their 30th anniversary of “God On The Mountain.”  “Thirty years ago we recorded ‘God On The Mountain,’” Peg began. “And when we went in to record it, we didn’t have a piano player, so Roger played piano on the original recording.”  Turning to Roger, Peg had him sing a solo, “Unspoken Request.” In fact, this song was requested before the concert and if you saw the folks who lifted their hands in worship during the first lines of the chorus, you’d understand why.  The simple message has a profound impact on all who hear it. Up next, Sheryl sang “Living For Eternity.” Peg stepped forward and reminded the crowd that in the Bible, “Cornelius was a man of prayer,” and then asked us to listen as Connie came and explained.  Before singing her song, Connie shared a little about Cornelius from the book of Acts, then she went into “Your Prayers Have Been Heard.” After, Peg announced that Mr. Ruben was going to sing her favorite song. “I requested it,” said Peg with a smile, “I request it every night!”  It was none other than “Something Worth Saving.” When Ruben finished his solo, he began to share about what salvation means to him. “I didn’t have anything to offer,” said Ruben, “But boy, He offered it all to me. I’ve wondered about it a lot of times. What did He see in me? That He would give such a price for my soul, my sins?  Isn’t it great?” This led into an encore and then they sang their signature song, “God On The Mountain.” If you’re wondering what could follow a song like that, well, the McKameys have several, but for that evening it was “Be Brave.” Afterwards, Peg shared how they sang at the Bristol Revival the previous night and people were saved.  “It takes Jesus in the midst to have a meeting like that,” she said. While they were there, they sang this next song. Peg said that her father always told her, “Just present Jesus. Present Him and they’ll want Him.” With that, they closed with “There Is Jesus.” …and yes, Peg’s shoes went flying!

The second artist of the night was Josh and Ashley Franks.  This husband and wife duet is a favorite at Indian Creek and folks love their presentation of the old hymns with a few newer songs mixed in.  They started their half of the program with “What A Beautiful Name.” Following, Ashley sang “It’s The Blood,” a medium tempo song that reminds us salvation is through the shed blood of Jesus alone.  Right after that song, Josh greeted the audience and made introductions to the crowd. They didn’t have their children with them for the weekend, but that didn’t stop Josh from bragging on them! Their following tunes were “I Have Been Blessed,” “Life Your Hands and Praise the Lord” and “Lily of the Valley.”  During that last one, Josh made his way off the stage and into the crowd. Their closing song was “In The Midst Of It All.” Before leaving the stage, Josh prayed over the offering.

After the offering, Randy Fox, Jeff Tolbert and Mike Riddle crossed the stage and began the Primitive Quartet’s set with “Today Is The Day of Salvation.”  When the last note of the song ceased, Randy greeted the crowd and said, “It looks like there’s some of us missing, ain’t there?” He explained that they accidentally got double booked that weekend, and because they hated to disappoint either promoter, they just split up the group and did both concerts!  So, while Randy, Jeff and Mike were there in Georgia, Larry and Reagan took some kids that they say know their music better than they do, and headed to Virginia! Meanwhile, as Randy’s explaining this, he’s wiping down his upright bass with a rag. When he finished, he exclaimed, “My bass is sweating more than me tonight!”  LOL Jeff followed by singing, “Empty Me, Lord,” and then they went into “Walking In The Highway.” Fans of Primitive Quartet know that there have some of the most talented musicians in the genre, and often they’ll play an instrumental somewhere in their set. Well, it was time for the instrumental! Mike began with his acoustic guitar and soon Jeff added the fiddle on the classic, “He Looked Beyond My Fault.”  Before long, both instruments blended for a sweet melody of the familiar song. Before they went into their next tune, Mike took a moment and thanked the crowd for coming out and supporting the singing. Randy suggested they do, “I’m No Longer An Orphan,” and they did just that! After that one, the group sang “I’ve Been Touched,” “My Hope Is In The Blood” and “Who Is The Rich Man Now?” and then closed their program.

Intermission came and went, and it was time to assemble for the second round of singing!  The McKameys came out and sang their tune, “I Know How I Made It” and “Do You Know How It Feels?”  As they stepped back to let the next group take center stage, Danny Jones mentioned that between Primitive Quartet and the McKameys, they have quite the band together.  And if you guessed a band feature followed, you’d be correct! The guys launched into a robust rendition of “I’ll Fly Away.” But when they finished, Danny said, “Guys, I’m thinking more of… “Foggy Mountain Breakdown.”  It didn’t take much convincing! Before we knew it, they were off plucking this Bluegrass tune as fast as they could. (And in case you’ve never heard it for yourself, they’re pretty fast!) When they finished, the crowd applauded and Danny asked, “Do you want to hear another song from the Primitive Quartet?”  With that, Primitive’s closed the evening with their new song titled, “Grave Clothes.”

Conclusion:  Friday evening was a great night at Indian Creek!  When you put the McKameys and Primitive Quartet together, you’ll always have a great night.  Add in Josh and Ashley Franks, and it’s even better! Though I must admit, when the evening was over and we were getting ready to head back to the hotel, my mind was already planning to get another apple pie on Saturday…

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