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After the lady asked if she could have her picture taken with Gerald Wolfe, she said in broken English, “This is my first time. . .” Gerald filled in the rest of the sentence, “at the National Quartet Convention.” She replied, “No, in the country.” This lady and her husband were from Valencia, Spain!


Legacy Five, Greater Vision and the Booth Brothers kicked off the 2010 National Quartet Convention (NQC) with an evening concert that was a preview for Jubilee 2. When I walked into the East Hall, where Legacy Five was singing Strike Up The Band, it was standing room only. I slipped to the back of the room and joined the other Southern Gospel Music fans standing against the back wall. By then, Legacy Five was featuring Gus on the second verse of I Found Grace and Scott introduced him as their tenor. When I heard the intro for the next song, I couldn’t believe my ears – it was – I Stand Redeemed!!! Gus sang it with passion, in a lower range than usual, but with a flare that will put his own special trademark on the song. Life Will Be Sweeter Someday followed, and when Gus hit his high note Scott F. said, “Good singin’ sister!” When Scott said Tim’s name to introduce him the crowd roared. Scott then said, “If I knew that was going to get that good of a response, I would have said his name earlier in the program!” Tim played In My Heart There Rings A Melody for his piano solo, and received a standing ovation!!! Fowler told the story of Taryn, the boys and the pop incident that happened a few weeks ago. He said, “Our very breath is loaned to us by God – count the good things that happen to you and they will ALWAYS out weigh the bad!” It was the perfect introduction to God’s Been Good, sung by Tim Parton. It received a standing ovation also. Then to drive the point home even further, L5 went on to perform their very powerful rendition of Great Is Thy Faithfulness. (Which also received a standing ovation!!!!) It was a very fitting way to close their time on stage.

 Greater Vision was next to sing that night. They got the audience stirred up with Rodney Griffin’s up beat solo, He’d Still Been God. Gerald introduced Chris’s solo as a song that Chris wrote some years ago, I Can Never Praise Him Enough. The slow number really made you think about all that Christ has done for us! Better Hurry Up was their next song, and they sure were wound up on that one! Gerald stepped up and said, “I wasn’t going to do this until the middle of the week, but we’ll do it now.” He went over to the piano and sat down, preceding to tell the story of Hallelujah Square, and when they sang it, all the people in the room were on their feet. The crowd really liked that one! Gerald introduced Rodney, a sixteen year veteran of Greater Vision, who sang their well known radio single It Pays To Pray. They closed their set with an up beat I Want To Know That You Know, featuring Gerald.

When Greater Vision closed there was a brief intermission. I guess I didn’t arrive early enough to see the Booth Brothers sing. *sigh* But when they came back, all three groups took the stage together and presented a “rehearsal” of the Jubilee 2 project!

Everyone gathered around the microphones for the opening song, Jesus Is Coming Soon. Keeping the beat going, Sing Me A Song About Jesus followed. When it came to the part where Tim has a brief piano solo in the song, Fowler and Gerald stood with their backs together clapping. The Booth Brothers sang a song that Jim wrote (I think it is called “He Will Walk Beside You Every Mile”). During the song, Glenn was giving Michael a hard time by pulling his handkerchief out of his suit jacket. L5 was featured next on a song that Gerald claims is number 130 in the Church Of God Hymnal – I Never Shall Forget the Day. The fast song really engaged the crowd in clapping! They made a joke about how they should have added a encore on the Cd, and that they need to do it in concert too. Then everyone came together again to feature Glenn on When I Wake Up To Sleep No More. This one received a standing ovation. Gerald says, “Guess this one needs an encore too!” So they encored this one without the track and just sang with the piano. Half way through the encore Gerald says, “STOP! Stop right now! – Don’t you guys know that when you encore you sing the chorus again?” Gus adds, “I tried to tell them!” Then Michael makes a comment about encores and does a silly dance. So they started the encore again and it went smoothly ‘til the end of the song. Greater Vision was featured next on When They Ring The Bells Of Heaven. Since Tim was the only piano player, he played on all the songs, well, Michael and Scott just so happened to be sitting next to each other and were mocking the hand motions of the pianist perfectly!

Gerald then steps up and begins to talk about how his parents would take him and his siblings in an old 1963 VW Beatle to SGM concerts. “Those experiences,” he said, “formed my view of music.” He went on to say that he thinks that the notion of our youth not listening to SGM is not that they don’t like it – but instead, that they aren’t exposed to it. He said that parents and grandparents are the ones responsible for introducing SGM into the lives of the younger generation. He went on to say that before the concert that evening, a lady asked if she could have her picture taken with him. He said yes, and when he came out from behind the product table, she said in broken English, ‘This is my first time. . .’ Gerald filled in the rest of the sentence, ‘at the National Quartet Convention.’ She replied, ‘No, in the country.’ The lady and her husband were from Valencia, Spain. They came all the way to the US for this week – “and it wasn’t because that the radio stations in Spain play this music,” says Gerald. “But because someone exposed them to it, and they decided that this was the music that they wanted to listen to.” He dedicated their closing song, I’m Free Again, to that couple.
What an appropriate way to begin NQC!!!! – with the knowledge that this music is so encouraging, that a young couple would come all the way from Spain to be at the National Quartet Convention to hear more of it!



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