Numbers (The Bible Study Series) – Warren Wiersbe

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Numbers.  It may not be the most dreaded book you come across in your yearly Bible reading plan, but it may cause you to scratch your head and say, “How could this possibly relate to my life?”  Well, you might be surprised. I know I was after reading Numbers from The Bible Study Series. In eight lessons, Warren Wiersbe breaks down what this book of the Bible is all about and how you can relate to the same issues the children of Israel faced in the wilderness, though you live thousands of years apart.

The Bible Study Series is a companion to Wiersbe’s commentary on the Bible, The BE Series.  That makes this book a study guide format that allows you to draw out timeless truths from the Biblical text, answer questions that will help you relate to the Scriptures covered in each lesson, tips for leaders of small groups and more.  The lessons are made to be completed as a weekly study, but if you’re like me and use it to accompany your yearly reading plan, you will still glean a lot from the material. Each lesson has ten questions about the passage covered, excerpts from BE Counted, a Looking Further section and then my personal favorite, the Going Forward segment.  The Going Forward section is where the rubber meets the road and Wiersbe encourages you to take the truths you have learned in the lesson and apply them to real life. He starts by suggesting that you pray over the specific area and then offers helpful ideas of how you can implement these truths each day.

Though the Bible Study Series was made to complement the BE Series, I feel like you can use the resource as a stand alone as well.  It worked well for me and though it’s nice to read the full commentary, I was really challenged to grow by the format of this study guide.  The Going Forward section became the thing I looked forward to the most at the end of each lesson. It was there that the lesson turned from a reading assignment to something that helped you in real life, and I can’t express how much that blessed me!  Numbers from the Bible Study Series is a great resource if you’re looking to get more out of this book of the Bible – I highly recommend!

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