One by one, the folks in the lobby made their way into the auditorium for the last night of the Truthseekers’ Homecoming. I felt like I_DSC7579 was the last person to my seat! As I slipped through the door on the right side of the theater the Truthseekers were already on stage singing Who Am I? Trying to be stealthy, I scooted down the aisle to my seat. Okay, so it’s kind of hard to be stealthy when everyone stands up in the row to let you get in…and your seat is on the front row. LOL When the Truthseekers finished their song Jim invited a special guest to come out and sing for us – his daughter! (He was very proud to inform everyone that the cute little baby we saw behind the ticket table was his newest grandchild too!) Lindsey Butch took center stage and sang a ballad called His Life For Mine. (One that the Talley’s made popular years ago.) I can’t tell you how pleased I was when she began singing because I remember her singing it the very first year we came to the Truthseekers Homecoming!  Lindsey’s voice is a perfect fit for the song and the clear, strong tones filled the auditorium with sincerity and adoration. When she slipped off the stage Dustin Leming took up a mic and asked, “Did everyone enjoy that? Amen, it’s a good song.” Then he went on to sing an up-beat tune called Jesus Is Alive and Well.
Before leaving the stage, Dustin brought out the first group of the evening with these words, “Make welcome one of the greatest mixed trios in Gospel Music today, The Whisnants.” Jeff, Susan, Aaron and Austin walked out on stage and Susan asked the crowd, “How many_DSC7587 know that we are so blessed?” They opened their set with We Are So Blessed and the Gloryland Way. “It’s good to be here tonight!” said Jeff, and then explained the next song. “Folks,” he said, “I’ve never seen the face of Jesus Christ, but one day by grace I will and I’m looking forward to it!” That set up the song he sings called One Day I Will. After the last note was sung, Jeff exclaimed, “I tell you what, if that don’t excite you nothing will!” He went on to thank the Truthseekers for having them back and then he introduced the group. Susan was introduced last and so she opened the next song. “I don’t know where Brenda is, but she is on her third round of chemo and wanted to hear this song,” she said, and then began I’ll Trust the Potter’s Hand. Aaron’s solo, Be Not Afraid, followed right after. The audience liked that one because they hooted and hollered as he came through the second verse. “Be not afraid,” Susan repeated, “Wow, what a spirit in this place.” Then she brought Ethan up on stage to sing a special song. As Austin strapped on his acoustic guitar, Ethan asked the audience, “Would it be alright if I sang a Christmas song for y’all?” He went on to say that he loved this particular song because it shows Joseph’s side of the story. With just his brother backing him with plucked strings, he sang Strange Way to Save the World. Afterwards, Susan asked, “Would you like to hear these two boys sing one with their daddy?” So Jeff, Austin and Ethan had fun singing On the Road to Emmaus. The crowd joined Susan in singing God is So Good when the guys finished. “It’s easy to trust God when everything is going good. I’m glad our circumstances don’t determine our love for Him.” She said. Their powerful ballad All is Well came next and had the crowd on their feet with hands raised, worshiping the Lord. The Whisnants then closed their time on stage with New Day Dawning – which kept the crowd on their feet!
Jeff brought the following group on stage. He said, “These guys have been the most awarded and rewarded quartet in America. They have great songs and are our good friends, would you make welcome Triumphant Quartet!” Triumphant kicked off their program with Because He Loved Me, Saved by Grace, He Is and He Loves Me. Eric introduced the group then they launched into When the Trumpet Sounds and an instrumental of David and Jeff playing Goodbye, World, Goodbye. “Jeff Stice and David Sutton!” Eric announced when the solo ended. The crowd applauded and Eric teased, “And we sing our hearts out and you just sit there!” Triumphant didn’t waste any time getting into the fun tunes, because White Flag was next. I_DSC7639 had to suppress a chuckle or two when the ladies on both sides of me pulled out their purses in search of their travel sized Kleenexes. The lady on my right announced, “I have extra if anyone needs one!” Well, though I had my handkerchief from TQ that’s my designated “white flag,” somehow it wasn’t on me, so I accepted one of her’s – but as a former piano student of Jeff’s from the Steve Hurst School of Music, the look of disapproval on Jeff’s face couldn’t be missed! Guess you can’t hide on the front row. *wink* On the other hand, Eric got his wish, because the majority of the folks stood for that one! LOL As usual, when the song ended the guys pretended to drag Clayton off stage. When Jeff said, “Oh, don’t worry, he’ll be back,” Clayton ran from one side of the stage to the other waving his hanky! Everyone laughed at that. Jeff played a few songs on the piano and when he asked if he could play something without a track, he began It Is No Secret. Not long after, he beckoned the crowd to sing with him. With the quartet slipping back on stage, Eric said, “Talented dude.” Then they closed their set with The Great I Am Still Is.
For some reason, I don’t know why, (and I don’t plan on making it a habit!) but I didn’t pull my computer out on the second set to take notes. It was one of those times where I just wanted to sit and listen – and I did. The Whisnants and Triumphant each sang a few more songs each. The highlight of Triumphant’s second set had to be when Jeff Stice pulled Linda (the Truthseekers pianist) out on stage to _DSC7636play a duet. The crowd went wild! I really loved seeing Jeff’s heart show through that moment. Then they gathered together and sang the last song with everyone on stage – I Believe He’s Coming Back Just Like He Said. A perfect number to close such a great sing with – and what a great sing it was too! This was my third consecutive year to be at the Truthseekers Homecoming and without a doubt I can say it was the best so far! Each night contained a solid line up, spontaneity that kept us rolling in laughter and a spirit that kept our souls uplifted. There are few places I’ve been to from year to year that have the unity and warmth that the Truthseekers have at their Homecoming – if there is one sing you don’t want to miss in 2015, it’s this one. Next year’s dates are March 19-21st – like their Facebook page HERE to keep up with the sing!


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  1. Jerry Starnes Posted on March 31, 2014 at 2:43 am

    Thanks again, Lynn. I have truly enjoyed each installment of your review. It was something that I looked forward too, and now dread that this is the last installment. These are great pictures to remember the event by.

    • lynnschronicles Posted on April 1, 2014 at 12:19 am

      I’m sad that there are no more reviews to post too, Jerry! It was such a great Homecoming this year!
      God Bless,

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