pilgrimageI know Lynn Austin from her book “Candle in the Darkness,” and other titles that keep piling up on my to-read list.  Reviews for her fiction pieces have received 5 stars and praise for building emotion and using accurate historical facts; when I happened upon this narrative that retold the journey she took to the Holy Land, I experienced the same captivating style as I turned each page.  Pilgrimage is listed under the Christian Living category, but includes everything you love about Lynn’s writing.

Pilgrimage opens with how Lynn came to visit the Holy Land and goes on to retrace her steps as she visited Biblical sites in Israel and what she learned from each one.  The descriptions and lessons were told in such a life-like manner, it felt like I was on the tour myself, even though I never left my house!  I learned a lot about the land from the insights Lynn shared as she traveled.  One of my favorite parts was when, on one of the tours, she saw a shepherd boy leading a flock of sheep through a place that was completely destitute of vegetation and compared it to how our Good Shepherd leads us through a barren world to the refreshing waters.  To anyone watching, it may look like the situation was hopeless – for there seemed to be no possible place in sight where those sheep could get any nourishment.  But the shepherd knows the way, even when it doesn’t look like it to our earthly eyes.  Stories and examples like that fill this book.  Some of the places Lynn visited in Israel were Masada, Galilee, the Wailing Wall, Hezekiah’s Tunnel, the Temple Mount, Joppa, Jerusalem, Calvary, Garden of Gethsemane, and many, many more.  With Austin’s descriptive writing, it felt like someone picked me up and dropped me right in the Middle East!

Conclusion:  This was a wonderful book!  If you’re looking for a Christian Living or self-help book that’s different, I highly recommend this one.  Austin begins each chapter with a Scripture verse and ends it with a personal prayer that can apply to anyone.  It is what I call “easy reading” – profound truths told in a simple, yet, powerful way.  To those who have the travel bug, you can learn a lot from this volume as well.  Five stars!

I read the paperback edition of this book, published from Bethany House, and is 238 pages in length.

Recommended for…

If you are going on a tour to the Holy Land – you need to read this book!!!  Anyone who is interested in Israel’s history and/or a unique view on encouragement told through historical sites in the Holy Land would enjoy Pilgrimage.


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