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Potiphar’s Wife – Mesu Andrews

Categories: Books

I don’t know what you think of when you think of Potiphar’s wife, but I don’t mind telling  you I always thought of her as selfish, immoral and just one of those horrible women who act like a witch. Anyone, relate? Well, imagine my surprise at opening Mesu Andrew’s book, “Potiphar’s Wife” and reading of a strong, caring, brave woman who was likable? *insert shocked emoji here* But it’s true. Though this story was a roller coaster of emotions, I can honestly say it has permanently changed the way I viewed this woman from the Bible…fiction or not!

If you’re a regular reader of Mesu Andrews, you’ll agree that “Potiphar’s Wife” is one of her finest works. She brings the ancient world to life through Zully, Pharaoh, Potiphar and all the household servants. So quickly does the author bind these characters to your heart, it’s hard to keep reading when you know where the Biblical story will take you. But that’s what made it a five star read for me – no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t figure out in my head how Zully would go from bright, compassionate and wonderful to tempting Joseph. The fact that Andrews could make Zully so relatable, was kinda scary. Yet, I totally appreciate her mastery of the story!

Another thing I really like was that this novel covered a longer period of time, told in a timeframe of a few years. Things didn’t happen super fast and as each chapter unfolded, it showed the bigger picture of how Zully ended up the way she did. It was a tragic story really, but one with deep characters and even deeper themes. I think some of the scenes in this book will stay with me forever. It leaves the same mark that “Redeeming Love” or “Mark Of The Lion” series from Francine Rivers does. It’s that vivid and powerful.

Conclusion: If you enjoy Biblical Fiction, especially in the Old Testament…if you love all things set in Egypt, get this book! You will not be disappointed. It’s a hard read, but it’s beautiful. My only “warning” is this: it’s deep. You’re gonna feel all sorts of emotions reading this one! And that’s not a bad thing. Just know that it will change you and just maybe, the way you view this Old Testament story. Highly recommended!

Author: lynnschronicles

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