I should really be packing for NQC instead of writing, but I didn’t want to leave without posting an update.  After all, it’s been a little scoopsseptwhile since the last post!  So “what’s up?”

The first thing I would like to let y’all know is the September issue of SGN Scoops is out.  My column, Event Planner, features the Mark Trammell Quartet Homecoming that took place the first weekend in August.  There was a lot of celebrating to do with Mark’s 40th Anniversary in Gospel Music and the baby shower for little Charlie!  (Nick and Jess’s little boy who will arrive soon!)  I hope you can take a peek at it when you have time!  To visit the magazine, click HERE.

A few weeks ago the Booth Brothers announced that their baritone singer of 12 years, Jim Brady, will be leaving the group to form his own trio with his wife, Melissa.  Today, the Booth Brothers and the Bradys announced who will be taking Jim’s place with the BB’s and who will be the third voice in the new Jim Brady Trio.  Together, they made the announcement by video, which you can watch below.

Now, I’m going to go pack for NQC!  Who’s with me?

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