Has two months without a newsletter and sporadic concert reviews left you feeling like Lynn has fallen off the face of the earth?  Though sometimes she feels like it, I promise I’m still here!  I’ve been traveling a lot this summer and keeping up with this site and other responsibilities was a near impossibility.  So I’ve made a “new year’s resolution” four months out – I’m gonna do better!

What has been keeping me so busy besides travel?

One thing that has diverted my attention has been a new venture in the writing world – magazine articles.  I’ve had the opportunity to write for SGN Scoops many times in the last few years but in April I made a decision to become a monthly contributor!  My column is named “Event Planner” and features a different Gospel Sing every month based on the events I’ve been to this year.  Each month you get to read about a major sing I’ve attended, the highlights of that week/weekend and info on how you can attend next year.  It’s a lot different from the reviews here, so I hope you’ll check it out every month and keep up with where I’m going.  The good thing about this new venture is a thing called a deadline…so if this site isn’t updated in a timely manner, you can always count on Scoops!  LOL  Anyway, my August feature was on the Gatlinburg Gathering.  Click HERE to read more!

We live in a world where most people can make their dreams a reality if they are diligent and work hard.  Of course, financial resources play a big part in that too, but not always.  Sometimes what you want has more to do with timing than anything else.  Are you ready?  Prepared for the task?  As you all well know, the Lord knows when the timing is just right and in June, He decided it was time for me.  I received a message asking me to write the cover story for the August issue of Singing News.  I was elated!  (Since it is September now, you most likely already know that the Booth Brothers were on the cover.)  I am so thankful that Singing News afforded me this opportunity and I admire them for taking a chance on young writers and encouraging us!


The next big thing on my concert schedule is the National Quartet Convention!  Though I’m not looking forward to the extra hours tagged on our drive time by the move to Pigeon Forge, I am looking forward to experiencing this new chapter in NQC’s history.  I’m sure there will be lots to write about!  Until then, I’m going to be working hard on catching up on writing about the concerts/events I’ve been to and a few other projects.  I have a stack of CD’s begging to be reviewed also!  On Friday, we will have another give-a-way!


I have a newfound love – my Kindle Fire!  This little guy has made my life so much easier when it comes to reading on the go.  When packing for a trip, instead of trying to decide how many books I can read in the amount of time we’ll be gone and whether or not I should pack all of them, now I can just take my Kindle and never worry about finishing a book too quickly on the road.  So here is a short review of the last book I read while on a trip (Kindle edition!).   Grace’s Pictures by Cindy Thomson is the first in her Ellis Island Series where a young Irish lass by the name of Grace McCaffery steps off the boat in New York City in the early 1900’s determined to make the best of a fresh start in a new land.  However, the Irish peelers have given Grace a fear gracespicturesof policemen, but her fascination with the brownie camera and inexperience with big city life drags this innocent young woman into trouble…with a notorious gang.  Will Grace learn to trust the police for help?  More importantly, will she trust her heart with the one she loves?  It’s a big question for Grace because she has insecurities that followed her across the ocean from Ireland, but Cindy Thomson paints Grace’s story in an intriguing historical setting amongst the colorful backdrop of New York City.  That’s what I liked most about this story: the historical setting of New York, the invention of the Brownie Camera and danger of the Dusters Gang.  Yet, wrapped up in the middle of that were characters with a deep faith in God who reach out to Grace and helped her adjust to a new life.  It was wonderful to see how this one immigrant girl was used by God to change her world, even though she wasn’t aware of it at first.  That reminds us that the Lord has a great plan for our lives as well (hopefully not as dangerous as Grace’s!) but just as important!  It was a great read and I recommend Grace’s Pictures to anyone who likes historical fiction.  I couldn’t put it down!

Well, I have some concert reviews from Beacon Park coming in a few days!…and be looking out for that give-a-way on Friday!


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