The Theater!

Turning right at the yellow banner that read, “Gospel Sing Parking,” we found a place for our car and walked down the sidewalk to the Main Street Music Theater. It was Friday night, the Booth Brothers were scheduled to sing and from what I heard, the venue was sold out! (That proved to be true!) The theater sits among a shopping plaza offering a variety of browsing items. A Tea House, salon, shoe store, and other shops shared the area. I personally enjoyed the look of the shopping center; each shop was built like a small house and painted in a pastel color – and though the plants weren’t in bloom then, you could tell from the manicured flower beds, it must be a sight in the spring and summer months!

Once more, Tim Parton entertained the folks by playing and singing while fans arrived and took to their seats. After a few announcements and some encouragement from the Word with Todd, the Booths were on stage in an instant.

Jim singing his solo...

When the Booth Brothers walked out on stage, the crowd cheered and Michael announced, “It’s gonna be a great 7 hours!” LOL The lyrics, “Heartaches, broken pieces…is why He died on Calvary” set the tone for the night. Welcome to the Family and Let the Healing Begin followed. “The family of God is a special thing, but what brings us together is one Savior and His name is…” asked Michael, and the crowd firmly answered, “JESUS!” Ronnie sang In Christ Alone and teased the crowd, “We hope you’re not in a hurry, ‘cause we have a whole lot of singing for you.” After Sail On and quick introductions, Ronnie took a book and read the words to an article called “Misfits,” before singing Masterpiece of Mercy. I’m Free and Testify were done back to back. Testify received a standing ovation and afterwards, when Michael saw some fans wait till the very end to stand up, he signed, “Ah, some of them didn’t get to testify.” While the crowd settled down the BB’s pulled up some stools and Jim began to share how their music has encouraged his father, who is now 75 years old. Jim said that hearing his dad talk about their music is the reason he wrote Every Cry Is Heard – then they sang that song with just Ronnie playing guitar to accompany them. They asked us to sing the chorus with them again and the audience did so twice. Keeping on the same subject of fathers, Ronnie shared how their father became an alcoholic after having just one drink with his friends. One led to two, two to four, etc. It came to the point where the IRS came and took everything they owned, the house, cars, everything. Ronnie and Michael borrowed a vehicle and drove their dad to Elam Home in Virginia – a Christian “rehab” center for men. There, on October 31, 1990, Ron Senior came back into a relationship with the Lord…and hasn’t had one drop of alcohol since! The ministry of the Booth Brothers began shortly after. With that story in the forefront of our minds, Ronnie reminded us that, “What the Lord did for the Booth family He will do for you if you mean business with the Lord. You’re not hiding anything from God – let Him come in and clean it out, heal you and restore you.” With Ronnie playing guitar, Michael sang the Secret Place and it really set a sweet tone in the air. Following that came All Over the World – a few lines into the song Todd Foreman brought out banana’s and tossed them to Ronnie, Jim and Michael. Standing there on stage singing, Ronnie peeled his and took a bite! After the song, Michael looked confused and said, “He’s actually eating it.” Grinning, Ronnie replied, “Yeah, that’s what you do with those things.” Todd walked out on stage and apologized, claiming that with the sold out crowd he was forced to sit backstage, and because he couldn’t see anything, he was bored. LOL

“You guys know that we read the Bible,” Michael said, “If you want to say something with power, quote the Word of God. When you are hurting, this is what we want to encourage you with: be careful of what kind of doctrine you listen to. Some say if you sow a seed into a ministry your trials will go away, or, if there’s a problem in your life it’s because of sin. But if faith fixes problems, the Apostle Paul would not have had a thorn in the flesh…it would have been removed.”

Through the Fire, a slow ballad, followed those words of encouraged. Introducing the next song, Michael exclaimed, “And this is the reason we have so much hope!” – the song was Because He Lives. Afterwards, Ronnie said, “The best part about it folks, is, it’s true!”

The theater was sold out for the BB's!

With intermission behind us, the Booth Brothers came back on with He Saw It All and then brought Tim out to play with them on I Believe in a Hill Called Mount Calvary. Something that I didn’t know, but found quite interesting, was when the Booth Brothers began, they were a quartet! Though they’re a trio now, their bus driver, Roger, happens to be a tremendous bass singer. With such talent on hand, they couldn’t end the night without giving us at least one taste of what they sounded like together! So Michael brought Roger out and they sang Still Feelin’ Fine. Naturally, a standing ovation was in quick order! What kind could follow that? Well, after the Booth’s took a seat on some stools, Michael asked Tim to sing the ballad he always sang with L5 – God’s Been Good. With those lyrics bringing our focus on the Lord and all His goodness, the BB’s continued with the Spirit’s leading and sang He Came To Me. By this time in the evening the crowd was ready to hear the “Word.” Before that happened though, we had one more barn burner to hear, and that was the Booth’s new song, I Played in the Band. The crowd loved this one! They encored it four times, the crowd stood for most of it!!! Roger came back out and sang the bass part and of course Tim was jamming away on the keys! It was quite the moment! After that high energy song, the atmosphere quickly turned very somber again as Michael encouraged the crowd to get in the Word of God and read what the Lord has written to us. Have Thine Own Way Lord, closed the evening on a very soft, yet thoughtful note.

Encouraging the crowd to read the Bible…

“If you don’t quit – it will change you. It’s not your job to ‘get it.’ James says, ‘Draw nigh to God and He will draw nigh to you,’ – make an effort to read this book consistently.” – Michael Booth

Conclusion: What an interesting night! It has been a while since I had seen the Booth Brothers do a full concert by themselves (the last time would have been September 2012 at Silver Dollar City). If the program they sang that night is their current set – it was very enjoyable! Different too. I was surprised, and interested, to see Ronnie and Jim step forward and do a lot of “sharing” during the night. Michael did talk about various spiritual things, as he usually does, but that night I saw a more even balance between him, Ronnie and Jim – when it came to sharing testimonies and such. I like that, and think it strengthened how their set came across. In addition, their song selections were superb! They really kept me guessing as to what was coming next, and for a blogger who can usually recite an artist’s program, well, that’s a big deal! Way to go guys! Also, the testimonies they shared and things they encouraged the crowd with set a real sweet spirit to the evening. No matter what’s going on in your life, you could have left that concert with something to hold on to. There was something for everyone.  Also!  If you would like to see a few video’s from this concert, be sure to check out my social cam page and scroll down to “Booth’s with a Bass” and “Teaser from tonight’s BB concert.”

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