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The Road To Oxiana – Around The World In 80 Books #80

Setting: Everywhere In The Middle East Time Period: 1933 I picked up this book in a used bookstore in Black Mountain, North Carolina. The hardback, cloth edition is beautiful and I couldn’t wait to read it. I saved it for “book #80” to close out the “Around The World In 80 Books” reading challenge I…

Great Expectations – Charles Dickens

When you read a lot of Christian Historical Romance novels, there’s something you come to expect in every story – a happy ending.  Then you come to a book like Great Expectations.  Written over a hundred years ago, well, you understand that it’s a little different than what you’re accustomed to coming out of today’s…

Book Review – Moby Dick…or The White Whale

Moby Dick.  What was I thinking?  To be honest, I wanted to see the movie “In The Heart Of The Sea” and thought it would be cool to read the book first.  The books are always better, right?  Well, it took me over 30 days to finish reading this classic piece of literature after I…