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Munich Signature – Bodie Thoene

The Jews are desperate to leave Germany – but no country will take them.  Hitler has his sights set on Czechoslovakia – and no country will stop him. We often hear the phrase, “You don’t know what tomorrow holds.”  After reading this book and re-living the reality that many people faced in the events leading…

Prague Counterpoint – Bodie Thoene

How could the world let an empire rise that would try and exterminate an entire nationality?  Then again, how could a leader who is so bent on making Aryans the most important race in the world, encourage the murder of his own people?  These two questions are extensively explored in Prague Counterpoint, the second installment…

Vienna Prelude – Bodie Thoene

As I closed the cover to Vienna Prelude, I knew I had been introduced to a cast of characters who wouldn’t soon be forgotten.  Some were good.  Some were evil.  Nevertheless, each have made an impression on me that will easily come to mind whenever the topic of WWII and Hitler’s reign of terror come…