Spiritual Warfare – Joseph Prince

Spiritual Warfare may be one of the smaller volumes written by Pastor Joseph Prince, but a lack in pages doesn’t mean a lack in great illustrations or teaching.  The “armor of God” in Ephesians chapter six has always been a popular topic among churches and authors in Christianity; and I’m sure we’ve all heard it…


100 Days of Right Believing – Joseph Prince

Some of my favorite books are devotionals.  Over the years, I’ve went through several yearly, 90 day and other daily devotionals to accompany my reading and quiet time.  Two years ago, I went through Joseph Prince’s Reign In Life devotional and found that it was just what I needed at that time.  After doing Dr….


Grace Revolution Tour – Dallas

Three weeks ago we went to Dallas, Texas for the Grace Revolution Tour.  Joseph Prince, a pastor from Singapore who has a world-wide ministry through his television program “Destined to Reign,” released his new book Grace Revolution and was touring in the United States in November.  When we heard about the tour, we decided to…