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Crystal Caribbean Cruise 2019 – In Review!

You may have noticed that during the months of January and February, Gospel music cruises sail out of Florida almost every week. While there is only one full charter where the bars and casinos are closed, the “split ship” options are numerous. This year, we were on board the Crystal Caribbean Cruise with Abraham Productions…

Singing at Sea

You’re waiting for the commercials to end so you can go back to watching your favorite television show, as you stare at the screen, suddenly; a roaming gnome from Travelocity appears sitting on a beach somewhere far off on a tropical island.  As you lounge on the sofa and watch the gnome watch the tranquil…

Book Review: Charity’s Cross

Do you moan and groan, complain and whine when your favorite fiction series ends?  You know you can always re-read them, but if you’re like me, you just prefer that they go on forever!  If that’s you, I can’t wait to introduce you to this new book from Mary Lu Tyndall, Charity’s Cross! I have…

Home of Blackbeard

  The Golden Age of piracy lasted for thirty years…from 1690-1720.  It was said that when a pirate slept he didn’t dream of going to heaven but to his favorite port of Nassau on New Providence Island.  Why?  Nassau was well suited to be a pirate base of operations because its waters were too shallow…