The Liberty Bride – Mary Lu Tyndall

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There are two time periods I can’t get enough of when it comes to Mary Lu Tyndall’s novels – her pirates and her romances set during the War of 1812. Luckily for me, the sixth title in the “Daughters Of The Mayflower” Series, “The Liberty Bride,” was set in those turbulent times between America and Britain, and was written by Mary Lu!

“The Liberty Bride” begins with Emeline Barratt, an American trying to return from England aboard her father’s merchant ship during the War of 1812.  During her journey, her father’s ship is taken by the British and the crew and passengers held as prisoners. And England was not known for being kind to prisoners or letting them go free.  What will Emeline do? Can she escape the Royal Crown’s clutches? Or will she be bound by the enemy for the rest of her life, or even worse, hung as a traitor? And if her life was lost, would God accept her?

I loved, loved, loved this book!  Not just because it was from one of my favorite author’s, but because Tyndall incorporated all the aspects of her writing that I love in this story.  To begin with, I loved how Emeline was brave and spunky, yet, had things in her life that made her unsure. As she was swept up in the adventure of being a prisoner of England trying to get home, we also saw her struggle spiritually with being “good enough” for God and her family.  Tyndall’s spiritual themes are always my favorite because they always relate to something we often are challenged with in our lives. In Emeline’s case, it was a strict father who made her always feel like she could never measure up. And I gotta say, the reunion scene with her father was priceless towards the end of the book!

But… don’t be fooled by the romantic side of the story, ‘cause this novel is filled with action and adventure!  And that’s the other thing I love about Mary Lu’s work – her stories have the perfect balance of romance and swashbuckling action. The plot will keep you turning the pages till early in the morning.

There’s another thing I couldn’t let go of as I read “The Liberty Bride,” and that was how the storyline paralleled the author’s previous, “Surrender To Destiny” Series. Though we didn’t encounter any characters from “Surrender To Destiny,” I couldn’t help but think about what those characters were doing “at the same time.”  So, if you’re looking for a good dose of history with swoon worthy heroes and unforgettable characters, I’d recommend reading the author’s “Surrender To Destiny” Series first and then read “The Liberty Bride.” Seriously, this book could double as the fourth book in that series!

Conclusion: First, I want to say that I haven’t read any of the prior books in the “Daughters of the Mayflower” Series. With that in mind, I feel confident in saying that “The Liberty Bride” can be read as a stand alone, though I know several readers who recommend reading the series in order first.  (And I do plan on reading the whole series, but when your favorite author has book #6, you know… 😉 Secondly, you just can’t go wrong with a book from Mary Lu! Her books are always exciting, but more than that, filled with lasting theme’s that point you to the love of God. A truly fulfilling read!

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