Frederick and Reena couldn’t be more different than night and day.  He’s a preacher, she’s a pirate and together, they make an odd couple.  Odd, because one is trying to follow God and the other is running as far away as they can from Him.  Throw in an old map that’s scattered among the Caribbean in pieces and a powerful Frenchman who’s after it, and you have an  adventurous pirate tale from Mary Lu Tyndall that’s fun to read, yet, deals with the same issues people face today.

The Legacy of the King’s Pirates was the first series I read from Mary Lu Tyndall… so you can imagine my excitement when I found out that Frederick Carlton, who was just a baby in book #3, is the hero in The Reckless!  *Swoon worthy!* What I liked most about Frederick’s character was how he sought to follow the Lord’s leading in his life. Even more, I liked how the author showed that God may lead you to be a witness to someone for a time, but there may come a time when He removes you from their life so He can work on their heart.  When someone decides to follow the Lord, that’s a decision they must make for themselves and I thought the author did a great job of showing how that worked through the story of Frederick and Reena.

The heroine, Reena, was a feisty character who struggled with accepting the norm expected of women in her time.  Back in the golden age of piracy, things like women wearing pants and commanding their own ships were frowned upon.  Though humorous at times, I felt that the author addressed a deeper issue with this sub-plot. Women today struggle with self-worth, value, beauty and feeling that they have to prove they can do everything a man can. I liked the way Tyndall handled the subject and allowed us to see how Reena struggled with this and eventually, overcame it.

Conclusion: The Legacy of the King’s Pirates Series is a Christian spin off of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and I love how the author keeps adding to the series with stories about the Hyde’s and Carlton’s adult children.  Though The Reckless is #6 in the series, you can read it as a stand alone and not have to worry about missing what has happened previously in the series. (Books 1-3 are about the parents and books 4-6 are about the kids.) The Reckless is a great read!  If you enjoy Historical Fiction that’s set in a time period that’s not often written about, yet, done professionally, get this book. (And the whole series!) You won’t be disappointed!

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