Trusting God To Get You Through – Jason Crabb

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With the release of his first book, Trusting God To Get You Through, Jason Crabb finds yet another way to reach his audience – through the written word.  As Jason tells his story, he emphasizes the reason why he felt lead to write this book – because every person has a story, and they all have similar elements ~ sorrow, joy, struggles, growth, temptation, victory, etc.  There is a Scripture that says, “There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that you are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.” (1 Corinthians 10:13)  There are people who have been through the same things as Jason and Shellye, there are others who have gone through similar hardships that have put you through the fire.  Through all of these difficulties, there are more than enough illustrations of God’s faithfulness to encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ!  Jason uses his trials and victories as an example of how anyone and everyone can come through the fire.  So in this volume, you’ll see how the words to Through The Fire outline the foundation of this book, coupled with Scripture and stories from both Jason and what he’s seen happen in the lives of fans who depended on God to get them through.

Using the song penned by his father, (Through The Fire), Jason named each chapter after a line of the Crabb Family’s signature song in hopes of walking the reader through a concise, helpful and encouraging account to help Believers in the heat of their battles.  I personally loved the idea of using song lyrics to build the outline of  this book!  Not only was it clever, but it gives the book a nature progression of spiritual questions and Biblical answers.

Secondly, Jason has numerous stories to share from his personal life, years on the road with the Crabb Family, and more recently, his solo ministry.  The best part though, is that they’re not just mere stories – every single one of them has spiritual application and a chance to minister to someone else.  In chapter one, Jason and Shellye share the pain they endured through their miscarriages – but now, they can easily relate to and encourage other couples who have walked that same road.  Another area where we need lots of encouragement is when we feel like a failure…and according to a different chapter, the Crabb Family once had a concert that felt just like that.  In Jason’s words, “Whatever could go wrong, did go wrong.”  One of sisters tripped while exiting the stage, the sound system wasn’t cooperating, etc, etc…after feeling like they failed their audience, God showed them the bigger picture. – It wasn’t about them, or how they sounded, or if the sound was even working!  It was about what the Lord was doing in the audience that mattered.  The same can be true of our own lives.  Finally, after a concert one evening, while he was tearing down, a lady came up to Jason and asked if their ministry would pray for her husband who left her – she didn’t even know where he was.  Immediately, Jason jumped off the stage and prayed with her right then and there.  The ladies pastor was also at the concert and was standing in the back at that time.  When they finished praying, her pastor’s cell phone rang – it was the ladies husband!  He wanted to come back and get right with the Lord!  How amazing!

Last but not least, there is a wealth of Scripture in this book.  Whether it be single verses set in between paragraphs or whole Bible stories paralleling the chosen topic, you won’t have to turn many pages to find the spiritual application to what Jason is writing about.  Every story he tells, there is a Bible story to go along with it.  It deepens the meaning of the account spoken of and highlights the common truth relevant to every man.

In conclusion: I highly recommend Trusting God To Get You Through! Jason has a style that’s easy to read and comprehend, yet filled with deep truth about the Lord.  He has a way of explaining things that we already know of, yet, in a different light, in a new way, that will refresh the reader.  Personally, I appreciated how he included his wife’s thoughts, and incorporated a testimony written by her in the first chapter.  (How sweet!)  If you, or someone else you know, is going through the fire, just remember! – “Because of God’s love and power, your testimony can be a lifeline to someone else.” – Jason Crabb

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