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After reading several of Prince’s books like Power of Right Believing, Destined To Reign and Grace Revolution (just to name a few) I wondered, Is Unmerited Favor going to really be that different?  I mean, you can only talk about grace so much before you start repeating yourself, right?  Not so.  Unmerited Favor takes you on a journey through the Bible in search of evidence of why God would want you to be successful in all that you do.  Along the way, you may run into some familiar ground, but in the end, the content in this book really is unique to the topic being discussed.

The book begins with the story of Joseph from the Old Testament – hated brother who rose to second in command of Egypt.  And why not?  If you’re going to talk about success, beginning with someone who was literally a slave/prisoner would be a good place to start.  The first few chapters take an in-depth look at Joseph’s story and shows us how we only need one thing to be successful in life – and that’s Jesus!

But as many of us know, you can’t take one good Bible story and build a doctrine out of it.  Therefore, you’ll notice that after the first few chapters, the author moves away from Joseph’s story to build his case on favor using verses that weave a continuous thread through Scripture on the topic.  This is one of the reasons why I enjoy Pastor Prince’s books so much; he doesn’t just teach a verse here or a passage there…you get the whole kit and caboodle!

Another way Prince explained why we can receive favor was by showing the difference between the new covenant and the old covenant.  I knew that Pastor Prince teaches from the dispensational viewpoint, but I never came across one teaching where he went over the Abrahamic Covenant, Mosaic Covenant and the New Covenant all at the same time.  I was really excited about this because I grew up in a church that taught dispensationalism regularly.  But after reading Unmerited Favor, I realize what I learned from church was book knowledge – I could tell you what was what, but I couldn’t tell you why knowing all the covenants in the Old Testament mattered.  After all, we’re in the covenant of grace!  What else do we need to know besides that?  In Unmerited Favor, Pastor Prince goes over the dispensations briefly.  I really enjoyed reading about the Abrahamic Covenant – I’ve never heard anyone preach on this before, and it really helped me understand why Paul talks about “Abraham being the father of all them that believe” so much in his letters.  Chapter nine, “God’s Covenant of Unmerited Favor With Us,” was one of my favorite chapters that explained this.

Conclusion:  If you’ve read any of Pastor Prince’s other books, Unmerited Favor is a must read.  Why?  Because it keeps connecting the dots.  We need to see that God’s grace is applicable to all areas of our life and not only in “spiritual” ways.  Yes, we need grace for salvation, healing, overcoming bad habits and drawing close to God, but, we also need it for everyday things too.  Things that aren’t always “spiritual”…like work, school and everything else!  Unmerited Favor goes over all these things and is an easy read.  Highly recommend!

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