whenangelscryAfter reading this book, you may come to the end with a desire to be more like Angelica, more interested in the spiritual battle spoken of in Ephesians chapter six and you will probably dislike a guy named Thomas.  (And I mean, really, really dislike…)  But one thing you won’t dislike is the switch the author made from Historical Fiction to a modern day, futuristic genre that has been compared to the “Left Behind Series” from many reviewers.  If you’re like me, you might be tempted to think, “End times?  Really?…”  Then I encourage you to keep reading, because you might be surprised!

“When Angels Cry” by Mary Lu Tyndall is set in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – though surfing and mega churches may not seem too far from our own world; when the characters begin talking about food rations, the “accepted version” of the Bible and how people meeting in home churches were being thrown into prison when caught, you begin to see how the world in this novel reflects what could happen in the end times.  The story begins with Angelica Smoke, a single mom who hates her job and is trying to raise her son in an un-godly world.  Her ex-boyfriend went on to be the pastor of a mega-church, and though Angelica wasn’t a Christian when they dated, she now hates the hypocrisy his church represents and strives to keep her son from it.  However, their paths cross again and they must decide…can they pick up from where they left off?  Or, will the old wounds tear them a part for good?

You won’t get far into the story before you realize that Angelica, a Christian, works as a waitress in a bar.  Though this may seem a little “out of place” for a Christian novel, I for one, was happy to see an author step out and write something out of the norm.  The best books are the ones that portray reality.  Real life.  If we’re honest, we’ll recognize that there are genuine Christians that have jobs that are less than desirable in the eyes of the church.  But, as Angelica exemplified, you can still make a difference and tell others about Jesus when you’re in an un-pleasant situation.  If anything, this book would be an encouragement to anyone who has a similar background and needs to know that they can speak life to those around them.

Which brings me to my favorite part of the book…the guardian angels.  As the story progresses, you will be introduced to each character’s guardian angel.  These are mighty warriors sent at someone’s birth to protect them all their life.  Throughout different scenes, you will hear the angels talk to each other and learn when they can and cannot engage in battle (against evil spirits).  To me, those scenes were the most life-changing parts of the book.  As Elisha prayed in the Old Testament for his servant’s eyes to be opened which revealed chariots of fire covering the hillside, we too, do not fully comprehend the spiritual battle that takes place around us every day.  If we could just grasp how passionate these spirits are, both evil and good, maybe we would be more in-tune to what God is doing every day in our lives.  And yes, He is working in us, every day!

Another timely and carefully crafted part of the book was the romance between Angelica and Daniel.  Could you imagine being in love with someone, yet, not be able to be together because of your convictions?  This is something people struggle with today – finding the right person who loves the Lord as much as you do.  Though Daniel was a pastor, he wasn’t “right” with God and had a low standard in important areas.  Now don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t an awful person; but I think the author was brilliant in creating a hero who’s love for Angelica made you want to cry, “What more could you ask for?  Take him!” – and, had enough spiritual issues that made you pull back and say, “Uh, yeah, that would never work.”  Did their romance have a happy ending?  You’ll have to read the story to find out…

Conclusion:  Some things I didn’t mention in the main part of my review but I think readers would still be interested in – 1) The book was packed with action, something readers of Mary Lu’s Historical Romances will recognize as one of her trademarks.  Done very well here!  2) I didn’t talk much about the bad guy, Thomas, but after he tries to blow up Angelica’s car…I’m pretty sure you won’t like him either.  3)  There is also an emphasis on spiritual gifts like prophecy, visions and healings; so if that sort of thing “weirds” you out, don’t let it keep you from reading the story, but just know it’s there.  As mentioned in the introduction, “When Angels Cry” has been likened to the “Left Behind Series” and called one of the best new books to appear in Christian Fiction on the end times.  I don’t read a lot of fiction on the Second Coming, so I really don’t know if that matches up or not.  But this is what I do know…I really, really loved this book!  So much, that I hope there’s a sequel!  Though there are many different beliefs out there about the second coming of Christ, I personally think that this book could be enjoyed regardless of what viewpoint you follow.  The theme is about being passionate for the lost and being reminded that there is much work to be done before Christ’s return, and in the end, if this book makes you excited to go out and share Jesus with someone or draw closer to Him yourself, then that’s the most important part.

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