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100 Days of Right Believing – Joseph Prince

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Some of my favorite books are devotionals.  Over the years, I’ve went through several yearly, 90 day and other daily devotionals to accompany my reading and quiet time.  Two years ago, I went through Joseph Prince’s Reign In Life devotional and found that it was just what I needed at that time.  After doing Dr. Charles Stanley’s Every Day In His Presence last year, I wanted to see what Prince’s other devotionals were like.  So I picked this one.

Obviously, the text is patterned after Pastor Prince’s book, The Power Of Right Believing.  This format is helpful because readers of the original book get to dive into these precious truths again and soak them in over a long period of time.  I really like this because I can revisit the topics from the book and not feel rushed…after all, it is a 100 day devotional!  Another thing I noticed, the material was presented a little differently in the devotional.  For example, towards the end (Day 75-Day 78) the text talks about how King Jehoshaphat was fearful of the approaching enemy army and what we can learn from his godly example when we are fearful ourselves.  In Power of Right Believing, this all goes into one big section of a chapter and there’s so much detail you can easily miss all the golden nuggets of truth if you read too fast.  But in the devotional, each truth is broken down into a bite size portion for the day.  I found this incredibly helpful because it focused on one thing at a time, which aided me to get as much as I could out of the teaching!

One of my favorite parts of 100 Days of Right Believing was the journaling section.  After the devotion, prayer and thought for the day, there is a lined space where you can journal your reflections on what you just read.  When finished, you can look back on your writings and see your growth through the journey.  The amount of space to journal in varies with each day, but you can count on having at least a full page to write on consistently.  Some are longer, depending on the length of the devotion.

Conclusion:  100 Days of Right Believing is a great devotional!  If you’re looking to change your thinking habits and correct negative thoughts, this is the book for you.  As great as the regular book is, it can be hard to remember what you read when you finish it; but with the devotional you are reminded of God’s love and Biblical truths in a daily fashion that can make a long term change on how you view life and your relationship to God.  Secondly, it is a great follow up to The Power of Right Believing itself; as you can go over the teachings again and really soak in the truths.  Last but not least, if you’re ordering this product online and may be wondering what it’s really like without running to the nearest bookstore, check out my photos below.  I know the frustration of clicking on the “preview” and “sample” tabs on Amazon or Christian Book to find only the back cover and an excerpt from one page when you’re interested in seeing a little more!  So I hope the photos help you understand how the devotional is formatted – enjoy!

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