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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Here in Missouri we had a beautiful day to be thankful for this year!  As my family  sat down for our Thanksgiving meal, my Grandpa reminded us all that last year on Thanksgiving Day we had the first snow-flurries of the season!  After stuffing ourselves beyond what is probably not healthy, lol, the ladies gathered in the kitchen where we spent the afternoon making these cute little “acorn” cookies from one of my Grandma’s cooking magazines.  They are good, fun and easy!  There is just so much to be thankful for this year…I can’t begin to list all the amazing things the Lord has done.  Not just for myself or my family, but also where I see God taking other people in their personal lives and ministries.  It’s just so exciting!

So, what did you do for Thanksgiving?  I hope everyone had a great day and was able to spend it with family and friends.  Does anyone have a special tradition or favorite food they’d like to share?  How about a favorite song about being thankful?  I’ve never really thought about classifying a song as a “Thanksgiving Song” – if such a thing could exist!  But this year, I’ve been thinking of some songs that could be classified as that!

Though it would be a chore to list all the great things the Lord has done and is continuing to do…after taking an inventory of some of my favorite songs that express how I feel about those events, I came up with a “Thanksgiving Playlist” – So here it is! – My play-list of thankfulness!  (…and be sure to let me know what some of your favorites are!  I know there has to be a WHOLE lot more out there than these ten!)

I’ve Been Blessed – Tribute Quartet

I Want To Thank You – Karen Peck and New River

He’s So Good To Me
– The Booth Brothers

Good Things
– The Talley’s

The God Who Comes Through
– Legacy Five

Anything Is Possible With You
– Brian Free and Assurance

Amazed At The Change
– Triumphant Quartet

I Always Have A Song To Sing
– Mark Trammell Quartet

Cloud Nine and Headed For Ten
– Mark Bishop

Surely, Goodness and Mercy – Gold City

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