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An Unusual Adventure – Around The World In 80 Books #64

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Setting: Arabia
Time Period: 1880

Historical Fiction, missionary work and overseas adventure fill “An Unusual Adventure” by Anne Perreault. Judith has been in love with Austin her whole life, but being a rather plain girl and him being sent off to school, she had no hopes for them as a couple or marriage in general. Then, one day, her dreams come true… Austin comes home, wants to marry her and take her to the Middle East where he plans to work as a missionary doctor.

I’ve read a lot of books where American character’s make a journey overseas, get caught up in adventures and learn valuable lessons. This is one of the best! Because missions were a big focus in the book, there was a lot of spiritual depth. I liked the lessons that both Judith and Austin learned during their time in Arabia. Their time as a new couple was tense in a strange land, but by the end of the novel, they grew a lot in their walk with God and in their relationship. And though the book had a historical, romantic vibe to it, there was an amount of suspense where I just had to know what happened later in the book. I loved how the story had an “umph” to it, but still felt believable and real.

Conclusion: This story is like a Historical fairy tale with a focus on missions. There’s love, danger, adventure and a good ending. I love books that have believable elements to them, yet are different and unpredictable. This one had that. My first book by Anne Perreault, but probably won’t be my last!

Author: lynnschronicles

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