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Book Review – Songs In The Night

Categories: Books

Songs In The Night
By: Lauren Talley

In 2010, Lauren Talley released a brand new solo Cd, Songs In The Night.  At that time, a companion book was also published with the same title.  From this testimonial, we glean a firsthand account of her struggle with adrenal disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, and her amazing recovery without the aid of medication.  Through this volume Lauren pours out her heart upon the pages, sharing the things that the Lord showed her through His Word in that dark time in her life.

What Is It About?
The theme of this book can be categorized as Inspirational or Christian Living.  Through each chapter Lauren shares “nuggets” from the Word that we can learn from and use in our own lives.  For example, in chapter two, When Life Hurts, she walks through Psalm 77 and tells of what the Psalmist did in his time of trials, to get past what had hurt him previously.  By using the same step by step method, we can overcome struggles in our lives also.  In the next chapter, the author talks about what it means to know the will of God, and another segment has a study on Philippians.  Her writing style is very warm and easy reading.  When you go through this book, you won’t feel like you’re being preached at in any way, but rather, that a good friend is talking with you in your living room over a cup of coffee.  Lauren brings Biblical truths down to a level so that anyone can understand and relate to them!

Length and Study:
Though it would be very easy to read through this little volume in one sitting, I would encourage the  reader not to do so!  A chapter at a time and thoughtful contemplation may be the best approach in taking away the most from the text.  The chapters are not that long, so for those who have busy schedules – this just might be what you’re looking for!  Being built on the spiritual aspects of life, it would be very appropriate to integrate into one’s daily devotions, small group studies, etc.  The possibilities are endless!

I highly recommend this book!  Even if you are not going through a time of trial in your life now, Lauren covers enough ground, that there is something in it for everyone.  Every person can read this book and take  away something that they can use in their walk with Christ.  Songs In The Night is available at The Talley’s product table if you have the opportunity to see them in concert, or you can order it through the Talley’s website ->

“I call to remembrance my song in the night:
I commune with mine own heart:
and my spirit made diligent search.”

Psalm 77:6

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