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Great American Solar Eclipse 2017 – Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Gatlinburg, Tennessee has always been a favorite place of mine and when the Monday of the solar eclipse rolled around, I was already in town and decided to stay and watch this moment in history! With tours going to Cades Cove and other places in the national park, I thought Gatlinburg might be pretty busy….

Fort Sumter – Charleston, South Carolina

I held onto the ticket as I watched the staff photographer snap a picture of the family in front of us. After our turn in front of the camera, we wound through the stanchions that separated the line of people on the dock. The Spirit of Charleston bobbed in the water to the left and…

Mount Rainer – Washington

In 2015, I sat by the window on a flight leaving Seattle, Washington.  Below, Mount Rainer stood in all her snow-capped splendor as I snapped multiple photos on my iPhone.  Seeing it from the sky was magnificent and I never thought anything would top that experience…until I saw the mountain from the ground. “Admission to…

Ocean Shores – Washington

It may have been the middle of August, but I would have been lost without my Columbia fleece jacket as I walked the beach at Ocean Shores in Washington.  The air near the coast carried a good chill and the water coming in from the Pacific was freezing…that is, the few times I allowed it…

Oneonta Gorge and Multnomah Falls – Oregon

Those walking past us were wet…really wet.  I tugged my socks off, knowing we would be going through water.  I’d rather deal with wet creek walkers instead of wet socks and shoes.  As I leaned up against the car and observed the people walking by, our friend began laughing.  Almost hysterically.  I knew there were…

Beacon Rock – Washington

August, old car, no air-conditioning; what does that spell to you?  As we pulled out of the Portland Airport, crossed the river into Washington and stared at Mount Hood from the backseat of a two-door Buick, a nine letter word entered my mind – adventure.  Windows down, a local friend (who will remain nameless for…

Bald Knob Cross – Southern Illinois

Jim and Mary Snider are some of the most excellent hosts you will meet in the promoting business.  The Truthseekers’ Homecoming, held at the Marion Cultural and Civic Center, is a place where you feel at home the moment you step in the building; a feeling that all of the Truthseekers lavish upon each attendee. …

Coba – Mayan Ruins

Cozumel is Mexico’s largest island and the second port of call on our cruise to the Western Caribbean, but when our ship docked, we had no intention of exploring the island.  At least, not this year. In fact, we didn’t even walk to the end of the pier. Just on the other side of our…

Grand Cayman

I stood on the deck of the ms. Paradise and watched Georgetown, Grand Cayman come into view.  Other cruise ships were already anchored in the blue waters closer to the island, and soon, ours would join them so we could be ferried from the vessel to shore.  The sun beat down on me as I…

Coming Soon!

A new column is coming to Lynn’s Chronicles!  Soon, I’ll not only share my experiences in Gospel Music, but the destinations I get to travel to and enjoy while at those events.  Stay tuned!