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Love Won isn’t just a song or a CD…it’s a reality for every Christian.  With the Talley’s release of this recording early last year (2012) fans could not only enjoy new music, but build their faith with the encouraging lyrics in these songs.  Love Won is also the first Talley recording debuting vocalist Brian Alvey (husband to Lauren Talley Alvey) merging this family trio into a “foursome” as Lauren proudly calls it!  With Brian’s addition to the group, he not only added his voice in the essence of singing, but in songwriting also.  We Want To Thank You, Make Way For The Master and That’s Why I Love Him So are all songs from this young man’s pen.

On the other hand, not only is “love won” the title of the CD, it is the spiritual theme as well.  Out of thirteen songs, five have the word “love” in the title – and the other songs speak of love as well, if not with the word specifically, but by the pictures and themes they create.  For example, track one speaks of the “matchless love” between the servant and his master and track five shows us the love that our Lord had for us by taking on Himself the scars that should have been ours.  The theme flows flawlessly from one song to another.  As with all CDs, picking a favorite track is difficult!  But if I had to choose one song from this recording that has impacted me the most, it would be track seven, Up Above.  Every Christian has asked the question “Why?” in life, and this song has the best answer out there…

Musically, this CD contains a mix of styles.  The intro to Love Won (the song, track two) is Classical music at its best – Surely (track eight) is traditional Southern Gospel, while The Church Will Overcome (track ten) has a distinct “Black Gospel” feel.  Even with the variety of music displayed, Roger Talley produced what I think is the best Talley recording yet.  When I pop this CD in, I listen to every track.  It’s just that good!  The project also has a good balance of fast, slow and medium tempo songs evenly distributed throughout the recording.

On this project you will hear vocals from…

Roger Talley
Debra Talley
Brian Alvey
Lauren Talley Alvey

1.  We Want To Thank You
Feature:  Debra Talley
Tempo:  Slow
Message:  This ballad opens the project with a song of thankfulness.  Beginning with the chorus, the lyrics express the desire to thank and praise the Lord for everything He willingly gives us in life: love, grace, mercy and forgiveness.  The first verse contemplates a loving relationship between a servant and his master and asks what they could do to give back to show their appreciation.  Though the answer can’t be put into words, the servant comes to the conclusion that being faithful to gather in His name with a grateful attitude is a good place to start.
Other Comments:  The Talleys use this as an opener in their concerts and it ushers in such a sweet presence!

2.  Love Won
Feature:  Lauren Talley Alvey
Tempo:  Medium/Fast
Message:  What Christ conquered on Calvary can be summed up in the two words that make up the title of this song – love won.  The first verse augments this idea by describing that moment as one “that has left it’s mark on eternity.”  There, the combat over human souls began and ended as the despised Lamb paid the cost.  Though the second verse reminds us that the stone once separated us from our hope, the inky darkness was driven away with the light of dawn and Satan no longer had the last word.  The chorus breaks into a triumphant shout, announcing that “love won” and that the Savior lives again!  This time, it’s forever.  The Lamb was victorious and because it is finished…love won.  A chorus of “Hallelujahs” fill the bridge before the chorus loops around again.
Other Comments:  The intro of this song is completely Mozart – piano and strings.  It’s awesome!  The Classical feel gives the song a platform on which to build in power and sets the mood perfectly.

3.  Make Way For The Master
Feature:  Brian Alvey
Tempo:  Medium
Message:  This song is about blind Bartimaeus…we have more in common with him than you think!  The blind man’s story is retold in the first verse.  With outstretched hands, he realized that there was no way to better himself in the world – he was blind, and always would be.  But then he heard people stirring afar off and someone shouted, “Jesus is nigh!”  He cried out to the Son of David for mercy and received his sight.  The refrain beckons us to do the same: make a way for Him to come, call upon His name, and receive a new life.  Through the Master there is hope and light…you can also be made whole, for Jesus is passing by!  The second verse is written in first person and testifies that I too, like the blind man, have searched through darkness for a flicker of light.  Though despair and fear once filled my life, I heard a man preach salvation and was lead to call out for mercy, then I began a new life in Christ.  The bridge declares that you too, can know this freedom, if you’ll stand and claim the victory as your own.
Other Comments:  If this song isn’t a follow up to The Healer – I don’t know what is!  It’s that powerful!  On main stage at NQC, Lauren said that she believes this is the most powerful song on the project.  Give a listen to the lyrics and you’ll know why – it’s a message of hope, plain and simple.  Be sure to listen for the Classical feel the violins establish in the intro, they’re beautiful!

4.  Broken World
Feature:  Lauren Talley Alvey
Tempo:  Medium
Message:  The lyrics say it best, “We’re living in a broken world…but not for long, not for long.”  Within the verses of this song we meet some people who are very much like you and I.  In the first verse, Jenny struggles to pay the bills, and Bob’s mom was just diagnosed with cancer.  As each one faces their trial, they ask the familiar question, “Why?”  The channel explains that the world we live in is broken, and therefore, cannot produce the answers we seek.  Everything is upside down – right is considered wrong and vise versa…but not for long.  This world, the chorus tells us, is held in the arms of a Savior who knows all things.  Nothing surprises Him.  Concerning the future, we can look forward to a time when sorrow will cease, and tears will be wiped away.  Though we are still living in a “broken world” now, we don’t have long to wait for a new one.  On the other hand, the second verse continues with people whose hurts are just like our own.  Mom prays for her wayward child and Dad’s faith is slipping away…but not for long.
Other Comments:  Last December I saw the Talleys in concert and around that time they had the songs selected for this project.  I remember Lauren telling me that they were excited because they found follow up songs to some of their most requested ballads and classics.  This song, I believe, is one of them.  It so reminds me of The Broken Ones!

5.  Every Scar
Feature:  Roger Talley
Tempo:  Medium
Message:  Life is filled with wounds and scars, but as this song reminds us, each has a special story to tell.  The one speaking in the first verse takes a look back on the scars in his own life.  There’s one that reminds him of being seven years old when his tire swing broke, and another in his high school years when he turned a corner too fast in his pickup.  There was also that one time when he accidentally got caught in his brother’s fishing hook.  All of those speak of physical wounds, but there were emotional ones as well.  Watching his Father weep at his Granddad’s funeral was one of those times.  The chorus identifies these scars as memories that life has etched into our being – they prove that we live, feel and love – and each one has a story of its own to tell.  The second verse explains that we all bear scars.  Some bring laughter, others tears.  Some we’re proud of, others we spend our days trying to conceal, but the funny thing is, the ones that effect us the most…aren’t even ours.  These scars covered our Savior – His hands, feet, side, and back.  They prove that we’re forgiven…and that’s the greatest story ever told!
Other Comments:  The whole song is written in first person, but can apply to everyone who listens to it.  I’ve seen Roger sing this one in concert many times this year and just love it!  I really like how the message contrasts our scars to the ones our Lord bore on Calvary.  Very stirring!

6.  Talk To The Lord About It
Feature:  Debra Talley
Tempo:  Medium/Fast
Message:  Tests and trials fill our lives from our birth to the grave, but we can have peace when we hand it over to the Lord.  Written in the form of one person speaking to another, questions fill the first stanza: are you weak, heavy laden, struggling with a load of care?  Well, if you can’t find what you’re searching for, here’s a recommendation… “Talk to the Lord about it!”  That’s the message of the chorus – we have the honor of bringing our burdens to the throne of Christ, so don’t bear it all by yourself!  He’ll take them with the utmost care and faithfulness, all the while listening to our heartache with concern.  The questions continue in the second verse – are you worried?  Waiting on a mountain to be removed?  Take heart!  There is hope and joy in knowing that He can do all things when we place our full trust in Him!  The bridge takes us back to the old hymn “Just A Little Talk With Jesus,” and emphasizes the message even more.
Other Comments:  This is such a fun song!  I love the Blues style that is used in this song.

7.  Up Above
Feature:  Brian Alvey
Tempo:  Slow/Medium
Message:  Questions and doubts may arise in our lives from the trials we face…but not up above.  Beginning with specific emphasis on “here below,” the first verse observes that we often wonder why God’s children suffer wrong.  We doubt whether the sunshine of tomorrow is worth the dark clouds of today, and yet, amidst the questions we know that some answers won’t be given to us on this earth.  “But up above,” exclaims the chorus, “we’ll see it clearly.”  There, we will know why it had to be the way it was, we will have joy, and know without a doubt that our steps were led by the nail scarred hand.  So, while we’re here below, the second verse tells us that we can cling to the promise that God works all things together for good.  If sadness is before us, we can be encouraged knowing that up above, it’s different.  The bridge reinforces those thoughts by imagining what it will be like to approach the throne – surely, in that moment, all doubts will flee.
Other Comments:  This song is just beautiful!  I love how the lyrics contrast each other in the verses and chorus.  The verses talk about “here below,” but the chorus speaks of, “up above.”  Also, the track is lovely.  Powerful, powerful song!

8.  Surely
Feature:  Lauren Talley Alvey
Tempo:  Fast
Message:  This little tune is taken from Psalm 23, “Surely goodness and mercy are going to follow me…”  The chorus retells the simple idea from Psalm 23 – that the Lord’s goodness and mercy pursues us everywhere we go!  The first verse reiterates the whole Psalm in one go.  From the cup that runs over to the green pastures, and our Shepherd that guides us through the valleys and dark days, we can truly exclaim, “There’s nothing that He can’t do!”  After another chorus, the second verse declares that the sheep are convinced that new mercies are found every day we walk with our Lord.  It continues to talk of how our Shepherd will protect us and lead us, walking before and beside us through the paths of life.
Other Comments:  I originally heard this song on Gold City’s “Standing in the Gap” project.  It was one of my favorites and I’m so happy that the Talley’s brought it back – I love their rendition!

9.  Great Love He Gave
Feature:  Debra and Lauren
Tempo:  Ballad
Message:  A meditation of the Savior’s matchless love is the theme of this ballad.  Beginning with Golgotha’s hill, the first verse tells us of the love that it took for our Lord to free us from the bondage of sin.  The second verse takes us to the tomb, the tomb He had to lay in because of us…yes, what love it took for Him to endure that on our behalf!  The chorus simply sings out the name “Jesus” and reminds us of the love He shed on us abundantly.  To begin the third verse, Debra read these words…
“That really was some kind of love that an innocent man died a criminals death,
but even death could never contain this kind of love!”
The resurrection captures the third verse exclaiming that He rose again and is no longer in the grave.  A line of “Up From the Grave He Arose” bridged that verse back to the chorus and a powerful ending.
Other Comments:  This ballad is very soothing and easy to listen too.  It’s mild, yet powerful.  The repetitive lyrics remind me of a Praise and Worship song, but that’s okay, the Talleys made it their own and the message strengthens the project.  Debra sings the first two verses and Lauren finishes it out with her powerful soprano.

10.  The Church Will Overcome
Feature:  Brian Alvey
Tempo:  Fast
Message:  Persecution besets the Believer on every side, but through Christ, all who believe in Him will overcome.  The first verse looks back to the time when Christians were persecuted in the early church.  Though Believers were hated for their faith and thrown to the lions or the burning stakes, their captors came to understand that, “There’s some things that just won’t burn.”  The chorus tells us why that was – because they placed their faith in God.  The precious saints of old paid with their lives for what they believed in, and most of the time it was a gruesome thing to behold – yet, they endured it with grace.  Their persecutors could never comprehend that the battle was already won…by faith in the Lord Jesus.  The second verse points out a different kind of battle for Believers in today’s world – false religion.  The only way we can fight it is to be anchored in the truth of God’s Word and stand up for what is right…cause Jesus is the only way!
Other Comments:  This one features Brian all the way through it – he sings everything, the verses and the chorus.  The others sing backup, adding “ooos” and “ahhhs” where needed.  A part of the song that makes this one unique, is not only that Brian sings it by himself, but also how the others are added in singing, “God of Daniel, Job and Jeremiah,” along with a host of other names in the refrain.  The tune also has a funky, bluesy feel that makes your hair stand up on the back of your neck in a good way when you hear it married to the lyrics.

11.  How Deep The Father’s Love
Feature:  All vocals
Tempo:  Ballad
Message:  When thinking of the Lord’s love for us, we often reflect on Calvary, and that is where the lyrics of this song take us to.  The first verse meditates on the love of God: we were worthless, shameful and vile, yet, His love was so great that He had His Son take our place so we could be precious in His sight.  But this love wasn’t without pain – the Father had to turn His face away, had to let His Son be wounded in order to bring us to glory.  The second verse ponders Calvary and what happened there:  the Lord bore our sins even as those gathered around mocked Him.  His death brought us life, and because of that, our sin is what kept Him on the cross.  The third verse exclaims what our response to Calvary is:  we won’t glory in anyone but Him!  His death and resurrection!  We know that we’re not worthy to benefit from anything He has done, yet, the nail scarred hands and feet have paid our ransom.
Other Comments:  I love how the drums in this ballad give it that Celtic feel!  Combined with the vocals in the intro, the mood is developed and slowly builds – very beautiful!

12.  That’s Why I Love Him So
Feature:  Brian Alvey
Tempo:  Slow
Message:  If you’ve ever been asked the question, “Why do you love God?” – this song makes a perfect answer.  The first verse looks back on the time when your faith was weak among the mountains that made you afraid.  Though feeble, the Father came down to your level, dried your tears and instilled love and grace in your life.  The chorus sums up in one word what God has been in life – faithful.  Through trials and storms, He’s been the shelter, the rock and faithful companion…the Savior.  And that’s why I love Him so…not for what He’s done, but for what He’s been.  The second verse takes you to the top of that mountain that caused you such fear – with no more reason to be afraid, you see your failures and times you should have been stronger.  But even those time weren’t wasted, because through it you learned about the mercy and grace of God.
Other Comments:  Brian co-wrote this song with Gary Casto (of Tribute Quartet) while he filled the tenor position with Tribute.  It debuted on TQ’s project For This Time and was a success!  It’s a wonderful song and I’m glad that Brian re-recorded it with the Talley’s.

13.  Love Covers All
Feature:  Lauren Talley Alvey
Tempo:  Ballad
Message:  The Scriptures say that “love covers a multitude of sin”…this ballad is an echo of  that view.  In the first verse, the person singing looks deep inside their soul and comes to the humble understanding that they are not worthy to judge other people or withhold forgiveness from others, because they are aware of their own faults and shortcomings.  They have depended upon God’s mercy and compassion, and as the chorus calls out, “Love covers all – we all fail, we all fall…but love covers all.”  The second verse mirrors the first, as it continues to ask the hard questions.  Who are we to dredge up what God has forgotten?  For, if we are in Him, the only thing that we should be reminded of is the Lord’s pardoning grace.
Other Comments:  Musically, the intro (especially the piano) reminded me of the track to Orphans of God.  This ballad also takes its time to build, but when it does – the result is moving.  What a message to end a project with?  Powerful!

Purchase Love Won HERE!

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