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Destined To Serve – Around The World In 80 Books #47

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Setting: South Africa
Time Period: 1849 – 1850

Over the last few years, I’ve accumulated a lot of ebooks from Amazon Kindle by Andrew Murry. After reading several of them, I wanted to read about the man who wrote such challenging and inspiring works. This biographical novel by Olea Nel is the first in a series that goes over different parts of Murry’s life. Since this is the first book, this segment went over Murry’s first two years in ministry in South Africa as a 21 year old, newly appointed pastor. I loved how the author described life in the South African colonies and explained how the denominational traditions and travel demands in the churches led Murry to seek a closer walk with Christ and not man made rules or expectations.

Another thing I really enjoyed was that the author didn’t just focus on Murry’s preaching career, but the relationship with his family as well. The first couple of chapters especially highlight what his relationship with his brothers, sisters and parents were, which I found endearing. From what I read in the authors note, all of it is true too. The author knew Andrew Murry personally and was selected to write about his life.

Conclusion: I really enjoyed this biography! It reads like a novel and is an interesting part of church history. It would have been nice to read about his whole life in one book, but I loved the detail so much in this volume I’m interested in getting the next book too. Now, when I read Andrew Murry’s books, I love them even more because I know a little more about the man who wrote them. I highly recommend this book by Olea Nel!

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