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I’ve had the opportunity to attend many concerts by various artists in Southern Gospel Music, and they always are such a blessing! BUT, each concert has to end, and at the end, I have to go home. Well, concert DVDs have given a remedy to this problem by allowing fans to take home video of their favorite artists so they can have a concert right in their own living room!
A new video that has just been made available this year is Brian Free and Assurance’s new DVD by the title of “Anything Is Possible.” Tenor Brian Free, lead singer Bill Shivers, baritone Derrick Selph and bass singer Jeremy Lile, come together for a unique taping at the Oak Tree Studio. Instead of footage from a live concert stage with an audience, BFA sings in the studio with live musicians in casual clothing for a laid back, fun time that you don‘t want to miss out on! You’ll see the guys on the bus, they’ll tell stories on each other, and share how the songs they sing have made an impact on their own lives.

Below are some interesting facts that you might want to know about the video…

Location of Video: Oak Tree Studio (Nashville, TN)

Track List:
1. Anything Is Possible
2. Long As I Got King Jesus
3. Never Walk Alone
4. The Part Where You Come In
5. I Believe
6. Over The Horizon
7. You Must Have Met Him
8. Turn The Page
9. For God So Loved
10. God Will Close The Door

Behind The Scenes: Interlaced between songs, Brian shares from his heart how their #1 hit, Never Walk Alone, has been an unspeakable encouragement in his life as he battles the loss of both his parents. Likewise, Bill Shivers explains why their current single, The Part Where You Come In, is so special to him. You’ll also see the guys on their bus and learn what they do to pass the long hours on the road. Of course, it wouldn’t be a true BFA video without a funny story – and I guarantee there is one on here about Bill that will have you rolling in laughter!

Special Features: I mentioned in the introduction that this was recorded in the studio with live musicians. Those live players are: Ricky Free (drums), Matthew Holt (piano) Nolan Verner (bass guitar) and Kelly Back (electric guitar). Bass singer Jeremy Lile also shows off a special talent that he has…but, you’ll have to buy the video to see what it is! (…it’s worth it!)

Conclusion: The Oak Tree videos have been popular over the last few years, and this one is a great addition to BFA’s video series. The setting varies from the other videos and gives viewers a different “stage” on which to view their music from. I believe that fans will enjoy the atmosphere the studio created in the making of this film. I sure did! The story about Bill and some of the other behind the scenes footage was fun to watch, and it was great to see father and son (Brian and Ricky) together on a video again. Your collection just won’t be complete without this one!

Purchase “Anything Is Possible” HERE

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