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DVD_MTQIt was close to ten after seven in the evening on September 11, 2012 when the announcer at the National Quartet Convention introduced the next group to main stage, “Ladies and gentlemen…the Mark Trammell Quartet!”  So it began, the live taping of what now is MTQ’s current DVD, Live in Louisville, displaying eight of the ten songs from their Lifetime recording, plus their #1 hit I Want To Know, and a few other ballads and barn burners that have all stood the test of time in music history.  Coupled with the excitement of the largest event in Southern Gospel Music – the National Quartet Convention – this video can be easily summed up in one word…unforgettable.

The Mark Trammell Quartet celebrated a couple milestones in 2012 – it marked their 10th year in Southern Gospel Music, they enjoyed their first #1 song, I Want To Know, which went on to be the most played song of 2012. Legendary baritone singer Mark Trammell became a grandpa. His son, Nick Trammell also became a member of the quartet taking over the lead position and they recorded this brand new video at the largest event in SGM – the National Quartet Convention.  Yep, these guys have been busy!
Location:  Freedom Hall – Louisville, Kentucky

Track List:
1. I Sing The Mighty Power Of God
2. Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus
3. Wonderful Time Up There
4. Statue Of Liberty
5. Gentle Shepherd
6. Guide Me Oh Thou Great Jehovah
7. I Want To Know
8. The King Is Coming Medley
9. Meet Me Over On The Other Side
10. Too Much To Gain To Lose
11. Standing On The Rock
12. Golden City Tour

Highlights:  The most memorable appearance in the video has to be little Tessa’s “introduction.”  As many MTQ’s fans know, in 2012 Mark Trammell became a grandpa and on Tuesday night at Convention he brought Tessa up on stage for all to see.  (She was sound asleep too!)  “Her Papa picked out the dress,” added Mark, drawing attention to her outfit, “Papa’s me!”  LOL  To get a video like this, they sang three times on main stage; Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday evening.  Coincidentally, Tuesday evening was the anniversary of September 11th – they sang Statue of Liberty to honor all of the folks who were either active or had been in the service, policemen, firemen, etc.  It truly was a special moment.  Out of all the songs on this video, this is the one that stands out the most, it is “the highlight” if you ask me!  And that’s saying something, because there were many stellar moments on this video!  I Want To Know, The King Is Coming Medley, Too Much To Gain To Lose and the Golden City Tour are a few.

Behind the Scenes:  Because this video was recorded at such a large event, there really aren’t any “backstage shots.”  But if you were at NQC last year and saw the “Week that Was” video that was put together and played Saturday evening, you’ll recognize that same video on the menu under “NQC Highlights.”

Though I wouldn’t hesitate to give this video a 5 star rating, there was one little flaw that I feel needs to be addressed…After Statue Of Liberty AND after the King Is Coming Medley, I encountered what I can only describe as a “commercial.”  MTQ faded from the screen and was replaced by an advertisement for “NQC’s Final Year in Louisville.”  Now, considering that the footage was recorded at NQC, an advertisement for the event isn’t such an evil thing…  On the other hand, to a fan who bought the video to watch singing, (NOT advertisements,) it can be quite the annoyance.  In addition, the fact that both advertisements were the exact same footage with the exact same announcer saying the exact same thing, well, I found that quite amusing.  (Did they think we didn’t get it the first time?)  Anyway, one more little thing here about the commercial and we’ll be on our way.  This DVD was released in March of 2013, NQC is in September, merely six months away from the release date…what’s the benefit of having the final year in Louisville slung throughout the video when the information is going to be outdated in a mere six months?  I love NQC, it’s my favorite event to go to every year, but when you consider that DVD’s are what groups have the most trouble selling, this video isn’t going to help NQC ticket sales or boost attendance.  Furthermore, if you buy this video after September, you’re not going to want to watch an advertisement for something that’s over.  With that said, I feel that those little clips were a little tasteless – I think we can all agree that everyone who seriously listens to Southern Gospel is aware that NQC is moving and when – ONE clip at the end of the video would have been appropriate, or if it were added as a feature on the menu that would have been fine too – but in the middle of the singing was not the place for it.  This product was suppose to be about the Mark Trammell Quartet – featuring their new project Lifetime and their #1 song I Want To Know – not about the place they were singing at.   Okay!  I’ll be stepping off my soap box now…

Conclusion:  With all of that said, I will still give this video a 5 star rating.  The Mark Trammell Quartet did an excellent job on all of their songs, walking us through the people who inspired Lifetime and paying special tribute to the events of September 11th.  I think the crowd last year at NQC thought so too – they gave MTQ standing ovation after standing ovation – even though they had no idea it would be made into a video!  This quartet is quickly becoming a favorite in the industry and for MTQ, this video was history in the making.  Not only their history, but Southern Gospel’s as well.  I hope you’ll make one yours by clicking HERE!

Author: lynnschronicles

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  1. David Bruce Murray Posted on May 10, 2013 at 2:17 am

    I haven’t seen the video, but I agree that having one commercial in the middle of the program would have been bad enough, and the same commercial twice is just plain tacky.

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