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DVD Review: Redeemed – with Karen Peck

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This DVD is based on a true story and is set in Los Angeles, California.  The owner of a big company called Tycor, has created a security system called “Jericho” that fails the final test before it can be sold to clients.  Now, main character, Paul Tyson, is in financial ruin.  Coincidentally, a Brazilian company sends a contact to Tycor to review financial reports and such before they consider investing in Tycor’s product, Jericho, which would somewhat relieve the financial situation Paul has found himself in.  However, Paul, a Christian businessman with a growing family, is attracted to this female contact instead.

Released from Pure Flix, the makers of God’s Not Dead, Redeemed addresses the issue of infidelity in the lives of Christians today.  This film shows how easy it is to wonder away from the values and principles that a strong marriage is founded upon and be “unfaithful in the heart,” even without making physical contact with a person that’s not your spouse.

KarenPeck2013RDThe actress that makes this film of interest to the Southern Gospel world is Karen Peck Gooch, who appears in two scenes as a friend to Paul’s wife, Beth.  Karen did a marvelous job!  The first scene we find Karen in comes in fairly early in the movie where she is at Beth’s house helping set the table.  If you’ve seen Karen Peck and New River in concert lately, then you’ve heard Karen talk about being in the movie and listened as she demonstrated one of her lines – “Are you alright?” – Well, this scene is where you’ll hear that line!  The next time you see Karen is towards the end of the movie where she is at Beth’s house, sitting on the couch and giving advice on the situation Beth and Paul’s marriage is in.  I loved how the writers took Karen’s country background and used that in the script to present the “old fashioned morals” of believing the Word of God and what it says.

Special Features…
Behind the Scenes

In closing, this is a faith based movie that promotes Biblical principles and calls for higher standards in marriages.  The plot concerning the security program “Jericho” redeemedwas basic and not deeply developed.  As with most Christian films, the movie is centered on a Biblical point that is the main focus of the story.  Though this is admirable, and much appreciated in a world where it is difficult to find a “clean” movie, in the future, I would like to see Pure Flix take their movies to the next level creatively.  For example, a deeper plot, a more complex story-line and maybe better acting in scenes where characters are supposed to appear “broken before the Lord.”  Redeemed was a good movie that promotes Biblical morals – a great choice for couples!  Though this is only Karen’s second film, her acting was superb.  Then again, she has always been an encourager and friend to all who know her and that heart shone through in the part she played.  Karen Peck has been a fan favorite in Gospel Music for many years and I believe fans will enjoy seeing her in this movie.  Overall, I would give this DVD a rating of 4.0 stars.

91 mins
English / Spanish subtitles
Awarded Dove Foundation’s Family Seal of Approval Ages 12 +



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